Lars Larson…at the Ronald Reagan Ranch

Remembering Ronald Reagan

You know it is such a pleasure to be able to visit this place, this place that Ronald Reagan loved so well. The place that he said, “If it wasn’t actually in heaven, it was in the same zip code.”

His ranch house in the mountains above Santa Barbara is just 640 acres. Not really a big place. Not the kind of place you could probably make a living off as a rancher or a farmer.

But, that man loved this place and America loved that man and there isn’t a time when we’ve needed leadership like that more. He was a man who could stand up to the old Soviet Union and beat it. I wish we had him around to stand up to the new Russia and beat them too.

He was a man who could stand up and take the malaise of the 1970’s United States and turn it into the prosperity that followed for the next 25 years.

We need some new Ronald Reagans. We better start looking for them now because we’ll need them very soon.

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