Calling all Authors

Sites such as Oregon Catalyst attract not only readers, but writers as well. If you are an author and have already been self-published or are considering self-publishing, I have a tip for you. Oregon-based Empty Garage Books is a company that specializes in helping authors publish, market, and sell their work. I recently engaged them for the second printing of my book, Sales 101: Principles in Action, and was very favorably impressed with their work. Empty Garage Books developed a new look for my book (new cover, layout, and fonts), arranged to have it published using their print-on-demand partner, and developed a web site dedicated to the promotion and sale of the book.

The new look for the book is excellent. When I first published the book, the print house I used had only a limited number of layout options and cover designs, so the book was never really what I wanted. Now it looks fantastic from the complete redesign they provided.

My book is listed on Amazon, of course, and at, but those are the only two options for purchase and promotion. Empty Garage Books provided me with not only a unique web site just for my book, but a good URL to go along with it ( They are now working with me on keywords, site ranking, Google Adwords, and other means of promoting the site. I have found that it is much better to have a dedicated site just for my book as opposed to being one of hundreds of thousands of listings on a big site like Amazon. The site also provides excerpts from the book, reviews, author information, and, of course, the option to purchase. See what they did for me at

Empty Garage Books is able to pay me more per book sold than either Amazon or Booksurge. I have tested their print on demand services by ordering some copies for a local book talk I am giving and the fulfillment was excellent and fast.

So, if you are a self-published author with unsold copies of your book can help you. If you are ready to become a self-published author they can help as well. One of the nice things about sites like Oregon Catalyst is that we can share not only political opinions, but tips for success as well. I recommend (503-357-3630) without reservation.