Obama wastes not time unleashing Hillary 2.0

It did not take long for Obama to unleash negative and off-pointed attacks on Sarah Palin. I’ll go ahead and call it Hillary 2.0

From an Obama-Biden spokesman”¦

“Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

What a crock!

Instead we are supposed to put a man with NO foreign policy experience in the presidency?

But why would that surprise us? After all, Obama questioned Hillary’s foreign policy experience too. This from the Boston Globe in March:

“Obama’s campaign, in a memo and conference call with reporters, asserted that Clinton had been untruthful about her foreign policy resume”¦”

Note the strategy here. When you know you are weak on an issue, attack your opponent for being weak too. But, it is what Obama did to Hillary and now we are about to see Hillary 2.0 unleashed.

Also concerning is how Obama is attacking our American heartland. Small town America is the backbone of our country. If there is one thing this nation could use about now it would be the heart, soul, compassion, and tenacity of a small town mom with a strong backbone like Sarah Palin.

McCain-Palin”¦ I like it!

Barack-Biden”¦ go hate women somewhere else!

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  • dean

    You have to be joking. You think criticizing Sara Palin’s lack of foreign policy experience is the same as criticizing “the heartland?” And as criticizing all women?

    Please. Alaska is as far from “the heartland” as one can get in this nation. It is 99% federal government land, has no taxes at all because it lives on declining oil extraction, and is about as unlike the rest of the nation as you can find. The whole place is essentially a federal welfare state, albeit with lots of available pot. I’ve been there. Great fantastic landscape. But if we make Alaska village council service a legitimate stepping stone to the presidency, then the Republican party as our national security saviors goes far out the window and way downwind. And its all you have left really.

    Obama’s lack of experience all the sudden does not matter anymore. he shored up his with Biden, and McCain diminished his with Palin. McCain just blew what had been a decent chance of an upset. I’m stunned, but not unhappy.

    As for Obama’s critique of Hillary, he was right. She overstated her foreign policy creds. She was not a co-president. He called her on it, as he should have, and as McCain would have had she been the democratic nominee.

  • dean

    Yes Crystal…that’s it. Affirmative action for “heartland” village council members. From how do we pay for the new library to standing down Vladimer Putin in the blink of an eye. I’m all for it…really. It shows what America is made of. It is TV movie material. Best of luck spinning this. I’m flabbergasted, but with a smile on my face.

    Have you been to Alaska by the way? Have you done any work up there? I have. On the Tongass National Forest, they cut old growth trees and basically give them for free to timber companies in order to have “jobs.” Every other person in Alaska either works directly for the government or is a contractor who works for the government. And its all free! No taxes…but lots of spending. Every Alaskan gets a check from the government every year for thousands of dollars. They have it nailed. She will do great in Washington DC. Won’t miss a beat.

    I may just pop the election champagne bottle tonight. McCain has gone over the edge.

  • Jerry

    The guy is an empty suit. Who cares what he says?

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