Representative Shawn Lindsay: Tax Equity for Moms

Lawmaker interview of Representative Shawn Lindsay
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

State Rep. Shawn Lindsay (R) Hillsboro Dist. 30 will introduce legislation next year which if enacted will provide a tax benefit to parents opting to stay at home. State tax benefits associated with childcare costs are now only available to parents choosing to work outside the home. According to the US Census results released in 09′ there are an estimated 5.3 million “stay-at-home” parents in the U.S. However, the definition was limited to one parent working outside the home for the entire year and the other parent choosing to take care of home and family.

Lindsays legislation, still in the concept stage will face a number of challenges achieving tax equality for all workers who choose to stay at home. A rise in stay at home dads as a result of the recession which initially affected male dominated industries suggests a need to recognize that those who stay at home are not always moms.

For instance, how will unmarried couples with children from previous relationships where one chooses to stay at home be viewed? How will single parents who work from home be treated? Will equal tax benefits be granted to grandparents who choose to stay at home caring for their grandchildren?

At the federal level two bills have been introduced without success. H.R. 1421 “The Parents Tax Relief Act “of 05-07′ attempted to amend the Internal Revenue Code to allow a minimum tax credit for stay at home parents with child under the age of seven.. S.1253 “The Stay at home Parents Tax Credit Act” of 03 would have amended the Internal Revenue Code to provide a minimum credit of $200 per month for stay-at-home parents and allow the dependent care credit to be taken against the minimum tax, and would have allow any unused dependent care credits to carry forward.

Lindsay, currently running for his second term feels equitable tax consideration for parents who work at home via a tax credit or pre-tax dollar savings account plan similar to the Health Savings Account is only fair.

“Our state tax laws are not family friendly, they are actually anti stay at home Moms” said Rep. Lindsay