Representative Shawn Lindsay: Tax Equity for Moms

Lawmaker interview of Representative Shawn Lindsay
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

State Rep. Shawn Lindsay (R) Hillsboro Dist. 30 will introduce legislation next year which if enacted will provide a tax benefit to parents opting to stay at home. State tax benefits associated with childcare costs are now only available to parents choosing to work outside the home. According to the US Census results released in 09′ there are an estimated 5.3 million “stay-at-home” parents in the U.S. However, the definition was limited to one parent working outside the home for the entire year and the other parent choosing to take care of home and family.

Lindsays legislation, still in the concept stage will face a number of challenges achieving tax equality for all workers who choose to stay at home. A rise in stay at home dads as a result of the recession which initially affected male dominated industries suggests a need to recognize that those who stay at home are not always moms.

For instance, how will unmarried couples with children from previous relationships where one chooses to stay at home be viewed? How will single parents who work from home be treated? Will equal tax benefits be granted to grandparents who choose to stay at home caring for their grandchildren?

At the federal level two bills have been introduced without success. H.R. 1421 “The Parents Tax Relief Act “of 05-07′ attempted to amend the Internal Revenue Code to allow a minimum tax credit for stay at home parents with child under the age of seven.. S.1253 “The Stay at home Parents Tax Credit Act” of 03 would have amended the Internal Revenue Code to provide a minimum credit of $200 per month for stay-at-home parents and allow the dependent care credit to be taken against the minimum tax, and would have allow any unused dependent care credits to carry forward.

Lindsay, currently running for his second term feels equitable tax consideration for parents who work at home via a tax credit or pre-tax dollar savings account plan similar to the Health Savings Account is only fair.

“Our state tax laws are not family friendly, they are actually anti stay at home Moms” said Rep. Lindsay

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    A fine example of why our tax code is as byzantine as it is. Could we please just eliminate all deductions and tax everyone at the same straight percentage? Enough of this.

    Yes because I questioned the wisdom of complicating the tax code even further that does mean I am against motherhood. 

    • GretaN

      Well, I’m a “stay-at-home mom” and I totally agree with a flat tax and doing away with the insanity we have now.

    • Crabman34

      Agree with you in substance.  My problem is that you, and many conservatives like you (not you in this case), don’t scream about tax breaks and deductions, etc. when republicans suggest them.  The code IS byzantine, you are right, but why aren’t more people of your political stripe complaining about the meddling that republicans do?

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >don’t scream about tax breaks and deductions, etc. when republicans suggest them.

        Please, stop with the partisanship and actually read what you are replying to before blurting out dopey reactions like this.

        Here is the first line from the article:

        “State Rep. Shawn Lindsay (R) Hillsboro Dist. 30 will introduce legislation next year”

        Do you see the (R) after the name? That is to indicate representative Lindsay is a member of the Republican party.

        No, take a look at what I wrote.

        Do you see how I comment that Lindsay is an example of why the tax code is as byzantine as it is?

        Got it now?

        Please – Engage the brain before making a knee jerk lurch into inane partisanship.

        Thank you.

        • Crabman34

          Only one thing to point out.  You freak out when you think people don’t read what they are replying to, but then you do THE EXACT SAME THING in your histrionic replies to them.

          Re-read what I wrote.  My point is that in this case you ARE screaming, but most of the time you aren’t (when republicans are to blame).

          Note the use of the parentheses and the words within that parentheses in my original post.  I’ll quote it so it’s easier for you to pick out:  

          “(not in this case).”  See what that means?  Do those words make sense to you?  They are pretty small ones, and there are only thee of them, so it seems like you should be capable of understanding my point.  

          I guess it’s my fault, I should have written more clearly that I think this is an anomalous complaint from people like you.  I thought it was clear, I think you did to but you just like to act outraged and pretend like you’re walking some high road while write the most pedantic garbage ever committed to print.

          Stop with the faux-outrage.  You knew what I mean, as always, you just love to pretend you’re obtuse.  Or maybe it’s not pretend.

  • Bob Clark

    I’m with Rupert in Springfield on this one.  I don’t hear much screaming for this tax cut.  I’d rather we just keep tax rates stable for now and let the economy chug forward (less regulation would help speed the economy, though. So, I would favor focusing on a rollback of government regulations to those of the 1990s when the economy was more robust and unemployment quite a bit lower).  This decade long experiment with “green” this and “green” that has bled local and state governments, and only sugar daddy Uncle Sam’s money printing machine is papering over the real disaster “green” is and always will be. 

    P.S. Kitzhaber and the press are trumpeting his return from D.C. way too much as other legs of the Government (Supreme Court and Congress) have yet to buyoff on Obama’s greasy handshake supposedly giving the state’s Health Plan a couple of billion $.  If the market ever gets around to checking sugar daddy Uncle Sam’s fiscal malfeance, the new Kitzhabers and Adams of the Oregon scene will quickly become toast.

    • Crabman34

      Everything after the PS is such bizarre and inane gibberish to completely neutralize any point you had before.  What does all that even mean?

      Actually, check that, EVERYTHING in that post was gibberish. What do you mean by putting “green” in quotes?  Does that mean sustainable is meaningless?  Obviously I don’t need to ask your opinion on climate change.  What about endangered species?  Air pollution?  Water pollution?  All myths?  What exactly is the nation-wide all-government conspiracy for “green experiments?”  Who’s running it?  The Agency 21 or whatever that garbage conspiratorial agreement you people cite?

      It’s just so hard to take you seriously when you use the rhetoric you choose.  It’s so angry and petulant, it’s like talking to a 14 year old.  You know their wrong-headed and dumb, but you also know you can’t convince them of that fact, so you just listen, nod, and sometimes try to influence their thinking.  Eventually, you know, they’ll get there.

  • TheFixer

    These stay at home parents need our help and we must give it to them so that they can have a living wage.

  • ch75194

    No more entitlements

  • HBguy

    I don’t understand this at all.

    Is this a tax credit to be paid to parents who don’t have any paid position at all? If so, what will the credit be applied to, since they don’t have income? Is it a refundable credit? And why do they get a credit, since they are presumably staying home to care for their kids, why would they get a “child care” credit? They’re not paying for child care?

    Or, is this a tax credit for parents who work from the home for remuneration and who need child care sometimes? Probably not, otherwise Lindsay wouldn’t be talking about grandparents.

    The fact that this has so much complication should be a real red flag here. The tax code is already unfairly larded with special provisions like this. 

    But then, I don’t think the intent of this legislation is about good tax policy any more than that ridiculous Caylees Law That Rep. Lindsay introduced was about protecting kids.

    What it is about is Rep. Lindsay running for office on the sound bites that he is all about protecting children, and supporting stay at home Moms. This has to be the case, because Rep. Lindsay is obviously a very intelligent person. But the legislation he not only proposes, but announces 12 months ahead of time, are just……sort of foolish from a policy standpoint.

    Next up from Rep. Lindsay’s office: Legislation to protect the flag. 

    • Crabman34

      Don’t forget legislation to remind everyone this is a Christian country, like Congress did last year.

  • Stayathome

    Please Mr. Government man, give me more money. I need it.

  • Nofoolin

    I think stay at home moms should get this credit even if they have no kids. After all, they have earned it.

  • Ardbeg

    Moms (or dads) choose to stay at home.  It’s a choice. But using Lindsay’s  idea: I want a tax credit for being a gun owner, no need for the police, why do I pay taxes for those unionized cops.  I want a tax credit because my kids are out of public school.  Why should I pay for someone else’s  kid to go to public school. I want a tax credit because I mow my small lawn with a reel mower and am saving the environment, I want a tax credit for remodeling my own house.  I want a tax credit for being 6’5″ and have to buy a more expensive car that I can drive comfortably.  I want a tax credit for the king size bed I had to buy so I could sleep more comfortably. I want a tax credit because I have to listen to the STUPID ideas of Mr. Lindsay

    • Nofoolin

      Agreed completely. This guy is one big buffoon and he doesn’t even know it.
      When he starts giving his own money to stay at home moms then we will know he is truly serious.
      What a complete moron.

  • Stayathome

    This brave man is finally doing something for us stay at homes and for anyone to criticize him is simply wrong.
    He is my hero.
    I love him.
    And I love free money.

  • Justsaying

    Remember, folks, you always have to watch out for guys named Shawn. It is something I have learned over the years.

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