Executive Club: John Ludlow, Clackamas Chair Candidate

Executive Club Meeting
6:00 pm, Wed, May 2nd, PDX Airport Shilo
Conservative Clackamas County Candidate

Because it’s an election year and there’s so much politics going on, it’s hard keep up with all the drama all around the state and nation. Nevertheless, some of the most interesting politics is happening right in the neighborhood. That is why we are delighted to present special guest speaker, John Ludlow, candidate for Chairman of the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners.

John’s candidacy gives Clackamas County voters an opportunity to free their county from the restrictive, inefficient and expensive liberal approach to government, which pervades most of the counties and towns around Portland and in Metro.

Ludlow is no stranger to public life. He has dedicated over 40 years volunteering for community service. He also has served both as Mayor of Wilsonville and on the Board of Directors of Clackamas Community College. John has the distinction of being named “Volunteer of the Year” at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, the state’s only womens’ prison, twice during its ten years of existence.

In the race for Clackamas County chair, John has become the favorite of many of voters who want smaller government. In this race, Ludlow is the only candidate who opposed the Sellwood Bridge vehicle registration fee; supported giving voters the right to weigh in on the creation of Urban Renewal districts; and supports the right to vote on whether light rail enters the County. Perhaps the most telling difference is that his opponents are all enrolled in PERS … John, by choice, will not be.

Note: We have invited the other candidates, Dave Hunt, Charlotte Lehan and Paul Savas to join Ludlow on the speakers’ platform, but none had accepted our offer as of this writing. Seats will be kept available in the event any of them decide to join in. EC