Executive Club 12/7: The Metolian scandal

Guest Speaker: Jim Kean, venture capitalist
& victim of one Oregon’s largest political
con jobs
Executive Club Speaker Series
Wed. Dec. 7th, 6:30pm
Portland airport Shilo Inn

Some of you will recall the controversy surrounding The Metolian, which was to be North America’s first outdoor vacation community based on the principles of closed cycle sustainable energy, water, and trash management. Our special guest speaker, Jim Kean, was the man behind the proposed destination resort on the Metolius River. In his effort to build the 600 unit resort, Kean assiduously complied with every one of Oregon’s tough land use rules and regulations.

Everything was good to go on this cutting edge destination, including the millions of dollars of capital needed and already invested in the development and design.

Unfortunately,there was a big problem Kean had not foreseen. It turns out that part of Oregon had become an enclave and playground for the westside Portland crowd and the Democrat establishment.

In this entertaining, though appalling story, the names of Sen Betsy Johnson, Sen Ginny Burdick and Gov Ted Kulongoski should be prominent. Jim will point to politicians he found willing kill jobs, freedom and the pleasure of others, to preserve their own selfish ends.

This meeting will remind folks, just how corrupt Oregon can be! EC