Sarah Palin: A Star is Born

Last night Sarah Barracuda showed us a little of how she earned that nickname. She can not only field dress a moose, she can eviscerate political opponents with style and ease.

In one of the best “red meat” speeches since Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin spent a couple of minutes introducing herself and her family, and then got straight to business.

Tackling the assertions that she would not be able to handle family and career head she promised parents of special needs children “A friend and advocate in the White House” and stated that in America “every woman can walk through every door of opportunity.”

In a direct rebuttal to critics of her political experience and the first of many body slams to Barak Obama the “pit bull in lipstick” hockey mom described her job as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, as “sort of like a “community organizer,” except that you have actual responsibilities.” Palin then addressed media critics directly. “Here’s a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion – I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this country.”

Citing her experiences exposing corruption in the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and standing up to “special interests, the lobbyists, big oil companies, and the good-ol’ boys network” as Governor, Palin touted John McCain and herself as the true reform candidates. She may just have completely stolen “change” from the Democrats.

The Governor left no doubt as to her views on energy policy: “Starting in January, in a McCain-Palin administration, we’re going to lay more pipelines … build more nuclear plants … create jobs with clean coal … and move forward on solar, wind, geothermal, and other alternative sources” and then seguewayed into more attacks on Obama, who she did not once name. “”¦this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform” and “This is a man who can give an entire speech about the wars America is fighting, and never use the word “victory” except when he’s talking about his own campaign.”

The traditional job of the Vice Presidential candidate is to attack the opposition. Barak Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate in large part because of his penchant for making nasty comments about his political opposition. Biden is completely outmatched. What Obama failed to realize is that anyone can ruthlessly attack their opposition, but few can do it without sounding caustic or contrived. The ability to verbally rip a political opponent to shreds without seeming in the slightest mean is a rare political gift and Sarah Palin’s got it.

I’d love to have seen the look on Joe Biden’s face about five minutes into Palin’s speech, at the point when it was just sinking in that he would have to debate this woman.

Fox News correspondent Britt Hume may have put it best immediately after the speech when, completely flummoxed by the power of Ms. Palin’s oratory, he observed “She can speak.”

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  • RinoWatch

    ’bout time a Republican, a Conservative Republican pushed back!

    Sarah Palin, “The Great Communicatress”……..

  • Gullyborg

    She is THE ONE!

    I have been saying for years that we can win with real conservatism – we just need to promote inspiring and charismatic people with character to spread the message. That’s why I supported Jason Atkinson for Governor. And that’s why Sarah Palin will be our first woman Vice President (and possibly President).

    Politicians like Kevin Mannix may be very skilled and may mean well, but when Kevin Mannix talks about protecting the unborn, it is too easy for the left to accuse him of being a woman-hating choice-killer who wants to get inside our bedrooms and wombs. Conservatives know that’s just propaganda, but it works on moderates and swing voters.

    Sorry, Kevin. I like you and all, but you aren’t the right person to run for big elections. You are much better as a behind-the-scenes worker, organizer, and policy maker than a “front man.”

    Sarah Palin is the right front man. Excuse me, front WOMAN.

    No one can look at Palin’s family and history and sincerely say she is “wrong” to believe in the sanctity of all human life. She reminds me a lot of Jason Atkinson in this regard. Anyone who knows the Atkinsons and knows how they had their son prematurely at only 5 months, how the miracle baby survived and is a perfectly healthy and happy child, knows what Jason means when he says he believes what grows inside a woman’s womb isn’t a “fetus” or “tissue” but a HUMAN BABY.

    These types of principled, charismatic leaders – leaders who can demonstrate how conservative principles work and matter – are the future of our Party. Now contrast that to the Gordon Smith model of “dumbing the waters down” to the point where you comes off as only slightly less liberal than the opposition party.

    Why do you suppose Gordon is looking so weak? It is not from being a conservative, that’s for sure!

    And yes, I *am* supporting Smith. He is a decent guy, and he is better than Jeff Merkley. But he would be winning in a landslide if he embraced conservatism rather than run away from it.

    Remember kids, Reagan won here. Big time.

  • Alan

    But is she real?

    I am not ready to be swept up by a conservative Obama.

    • RinoWatch

      Alan, you saw “real” in the arms of Sarah’s family last night. I saw “real” when daughter Piper licked her fingers and patted down baby Trig’s hair…That WAS “real”!
      Good God almighty Alan, you have the nerve to compare a man of Infanticide, Barack Hussein Obama, with Sarah Palin?

  • Jerry

    Who are you to question if she is real? Talk about hubris. Are you real?

    I really am wondering. I sure want to make certain you are before I spend any more time responding to your inane comment.

    • Alan

      I have every right to question if she is real. The country does not fully know her yet and only time will prove it.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    “So Bill, is that really it? Is that really all it takes? All that ridiculous “Mom” stuff, enough kids to start a charter school, hunting trips? moose gutting?”

    “Gosh Hillary, I don’t know, seems like the always reinventing myself route worked for me. Inauthenticity was what put me over the top, I mean people ate it up, I don’t know why you couldn’t pull it off. Maybe you should have worked more on your accents. Lets face it, you blew that weird southern drawl with the “I come to far” speech. The fake accent thing didn’t work for Al Gore, but I sure thought it would work for you. Heck, what do I know, can you pass the fries?”

    “Dammit Bill, I’m serious, What’s so bad about a pants suit? I’m the smart one. I’m Eleanor Roosevelt, I went to a whole bunch of school. I wasn’t just laying back pushing out babies. I was the one with the tough road to hoe, why don’t people like me? I mean I’m a serious intellectual person, and now this naughty librarian look is working for some no name from Alaska?”

    “People do like you Hill, I mean some do, somewhere. Maybe you should stay away from that hoe talk – chuckle -”

    “Yeah, yuck it up Thong man, just your remember, that hoe talk got us half the time at the convention. And in case you have forgotten, Obama losing meant Id get the nomination in 2012. Well, in case you haven’t figured it out, if McCain wins this time, Mrs. Hockey Pit Bull is a shoe in for ’12.”

    “Uh – Oh”

    “Yep, you got it, no more White House play time for you Mr. Fun Pants. Here’s your damn fries”

    “Ouch Hill, that hurts”


  • Anonymous

    “I have every right to question if she is real. The country does not fully know her yet and only time will prove it.”

    I guess the country didn’t know John Edwards “fully” either, yet there he was on which ticket, again?

    Vet that.

  • Jerry

    I am so worried she might not be real that I am going to remain on the fence, undecided, unable to make up my mind – just like Obama. I am going to vote PRESENT this November like a real man.
    Watch me world!!
    I am so proud of my unmade mind.
    Only fools vote yes or no or think they know enough to have an opinion.
    Real smart people like me remain undecided and we make sure people are not real because they might not be. Like Joe Biden, for example. Is he real? Is he a real man? I am not sure. How could I be??
    I am middle earth – watch me decide.
    Just don’t know if I can do it by November. It is a lot to think about.
    I am confused enough already.
    Please. Help me!!
    If only Sam Donaldson would tell me how to vote.
    Then I could make up my mind.
    Man, this is tough!!
    Call me strong. Call me Mr. Middle of the road.
    Mr. Fence sitter.
    Don’t want to rush this stuff.
    What am I going to do?
    I don’t know.
    Well, thanks for listening.
    If only the Oregonian would come out and tell me how to vote. That will help.
    Should I listen to them, though? Are they for real????

  • Alan

    It has only been six days since the nation heard of Palin and she has avoided all interviews up to the speech. The publci needs time to vet.

    • Gullyborg

      “It has only been six days since the nation heard of Palin and she has avoided all interviews up to the speech. The publci needs time to vet.”

      Actually, BLOGGERS have been studying her closely for months now. Only “expert” pundits in the traditional MSM press were blindsided and had to go out and do their opposition research over the weekend.

      Meanwhile, the people of Alaska have been studying Mrs. Palin for about 16 years now, and the love what they see. They vetted her when she took out incumbents. They vetted her when she cleaned house in a den of corruption and good ol boy political machines.

      Obama is the one who was never publicly vetted. He coasted into a Senate seat when his challenger imploded and left him to run against… ALAN KEYES.

      He then was declared a front runner after making ONE SPEECH to the nation – in 2004 – and then doing NOTHING since.

      He waltzed into an early lead in the primaries not by actually beating his opponents so much as facing opposition split between the ridiculous John Edwards and the polarizing Hillary Clinton. Once Edwards dropped out and it became a two person race, Hillary suddenly started beating him. But the front loaded primaries made it impossible for Hillary to catch up, despite winning California, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania…

      Now the dems are stuck with Obama the wonder boy who has NO RECORD and who has NEVER been asked a tough question by anyone in the media.

      So don’t try to pull any of that vetting crap. Palin has been better vetted – by real voters and real people – than Obama has to date.

  • Steve Plunk

    I’m going to take issue with Tim’s headline. A star was not born last night but instead was born about 44 years ago and after a lifetime of experience and recent experience as governor of Alaska was finally recognized.

    I don’t give a darn about her speech I care about her policies. I don’t care how she looks I want to know how she thinks. I don’t even concern myself too much with her family as I’m much too concerned with how she will affect my family.

    While many in this country have just heard of her there are those of us who have seen her in action for a few months. The citizens of Alaska have vetted her and given their stamp of approval. Party operatives have been watching her for a long time and have given approval. McCain has looked close and likes what he sees. This is not an unknown quantity here, she is the real deal. Like one Republican said “Heartbeat away? Don’t tempt me.”

    McCain had my vote as the Republican nominee but I expect he’s getting a lot more votes with Sarah Palin on the ticket. Good choice.

    • JERRY

      Right on.

    • dean

      McCain met her for like the 3rd time last night. The next few weeks may show us how close he looked or did not look.

      But she reads well in front of the camera. She showed that much.

      Nevertheless I think my cult will still beat your cult.

      • Anonymous

        Her teleprompter failed halfway through the speech. Unlike Obama, she seems to do fine without one.

  • RinoWatch

    That’s your problem Dean, you think of all of us, in terms of cults.

    So if your “cult beats my cult” aren’t we still Americans, or would you rather take things one step further.

    If your cult does prevail we will hold you to account for the well being of everybody, all “cults”…

    • dean

      RinoW…I was being facetious. Obama supporters are often accused by Republicans of cult-like behavior. I thought I was detecting similar behavior on behalf of Governor Palin supporters lst night and today.

      It is good to have candidates that can stir the heart as well as challenge the mind, on both sides. It makes politics more interesting, don’t you agree? Palin managed to stir up her side and given them something to get excited about. That is not a bad thing. I just hope folks will be willing to dig a little deeper, given her newness and uncertainty regarding her positions and skills on many issues. There are some layers to peel back. Same still goes for Obama on my side. McCain and Biden we already know.

      Yes…if my team wins you ought to hold us to account, as your team is being held to account these days for the Bush Administration results. That is the essence of our dualopoly.

  • John in Oregon

    I was impressed with Palin’s primmer appearance before the American public. That she stood up to the horde and spoke back with conservative ideas.

    Still I am nervous about phrases like “STAR” and “She is THE ONE!” Let me illustrate with a story.

    One day three fisherman, Jon from Bonners Ferry (Idaho). Thomas form Missouri, and Ted from Salem (Oregon) arrived at a lake in northern Idaho. After shaking hands of introduction they decided to share a boat as only one remained for rent.

    Soon Jon and Thomas had landed several fish while Ted remained empty handed. Thomas sympathetically ask what bate Ted was using. Bait? Said Ted as he felt a tug on his line, stood up, reeled in a tree branch wile nearly tipping the boat.

    When the excitement subsided Jon and Thomas noticed the oars had fallen overboard, floating several yards away. As Thomas had a cast on his let, it fell to Ted or Jon to swim over to retrieve the oars. Ted refused (aquaphobia) and Jon could not swim.

    Jon observed that with faith anything was possible, he would walk on the water to bring back the oars. You will have to show me said Thomas. Never said Ted, Peer reviewed science proves water walking is impossible.

    Thomas watched as Jon’s foot went over the side. Ted covered his eyes refusing to see the pending total disaster.

    Thunk, thunk, the oars hit the boat. Thomas sat mouth open. Ted opened his eyes.

    I told you it was impossible said Ted as he pointed. See, your feet got wet!

    There are several lessons with this story. The lesson of interest here is be careful of unrealistic expectations. Soar high and the wings melt.

    I would caution about the terms “STAR” or “THE ONE” describing Palin, or for that matter, any other politician. With her public record of accomplishments, I firmly believe she has the potential for great things.

    Obama may well have a problem. A week ago Obama soared to the stratosphere. Expectations higher than the sky. And 60 days remain to the election.

    This week Obama said “I think that the surge has succeeded in ways that *nobody* anticipated,” while refusing to retract his initial opposition to the surge. “I’ve already said it’s succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.”

    Really? General Petraeus championed a counter insurgency strategy he felt would fail? George W Bush. John McCain? Nobody?

    Expectations of perfection can be shattered in conflict with reality.

    Dean. The inside baseball, back channel take is that McCain was very familiar with Palin as far back as last February.

    Gullyborg is correct. The conservative researchers and commentaries “have been studying her closely for months now. Only “expert” pundits in the traditional MSM press were blindsided and had to go out and do their opposition research over the weekend.”

    • dean

      John…good story.

      I agree with you Palin has potential. She has a short record, but an impressive one so far. On teh other hand, she raised taxes on the oil companies and sent a check out to everyone who takes a breath in her state, so her popularity could be over stated. But she performed well on the big stage. Lets give her props.

      Obama made a great speech that laid out where he wants to take the country in terms of policies, and made the case for why “change” is needed. McCain and Palin both, in my view made good speeches about themselves, their personal qualities. They want to “reform” Washington, though said nothing about what it is exactly they will reform and how. And other than “drill baby drill” (from teh crowd, not them,) I did not hear much on what policies they plan to pursue, and how those will be different from what the current occupant, who they never mentioned by name, has pursued.

      It appears they want to make the contest about personalities and away from policy. What do you think? Did you hear anything about their actual policies last week?

      Here is another fishing story for you.

      Oly and Sven go out to the lake for fishing. They drive a long ways, rent a cabin and a boat and fishing gear. They go out on the lake, are out there half the day and finally catch a nice trout, about 2 pounds. Oly says to Sven….”ya know I been tinkin. When ya add up all we spent so far, this here fish cost us $150 a pound!” Sven firest up the engine and heads back towards shore. Oly says, “What the heck are ya doin there? There’s plenty a day left ta catch more fish.”

      Sven says “that’s what I’m worried about. We can’t afford no more fish at that cost!”

      • dean

        Oh…and on the surge…I think Obama was right. I don’t think anyone thought it would work as well as it did as fast as it did, including Petraeus. He of all people has been very cautious about over promising. I think the surge, and related changes in strategy, were the last option available to us other than pulling out and letting the chips fall where they might, which probably would have been a bloody civil war.

        Also….even though the violence is way down, there is a lot of story yet to be written. It is looking like Maliki is going to press his luck, and may well end up staring a shooting war with the Sunnis again. That is a part of the world where people seldom leave well enough alone. How long do we baby sit them?

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