Dave Hunt led passage of early release bill

Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance

On June 26, 2009, then-Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, Dave Hunt, led the House in passage of House Bill 3508, which provided for early release of some violent criminals, including some convicted of sexual abuse. As a result, many Oregon women were at risk that the person who committed a crime against them could come after them again. Dave Hunt is currently running for Clackamas County Chair.

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  • guest

    Dave Hunt, for all he’s worth and recognizing his cajones no larger than Mike Schaufler’s, stands a better chance of taking a seat in a Dem dunce chair or in advertising sales for BlueOregon.

  • OregonCityDan

    Absolutely false.  Check your facts.  Not a single violent criminal was released early due to HB 3508.  Not even one.  And, therefore, no Oregon women were at risk.

    It’s amazing that you can make up this stuff.

    • Ramalama

      OC Dan, but it’s the way things work in Right Wing World. Fantasy is reality, and actual facts are a “socialist/communist/progressive/ACORN/Bill Ayers” plot.

      • Rupert in Springfield

         Maybe next time, resist the urge to bash out of blind partisanship and actually look into what you are agreeing with?

        On a positive note – Your reflexive action to name call without thinking first gave me quite a chuckle in this case. Thanks.

      • guest

        Ramalama, a.k.a, née jerk, pertaining to his knee-jerk in redress ~

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Sadly the article is true. Violent criminals were released under this law. Troy Lee Hirschar, Raul Pena_Jimenez and Joseph Duane Betts were three I could find rather quickly. Apparently the Oregonian found roughly 1/3 of the nearly 2,400 approved for early release were for serious crimes, arson, murder and the like.

  • HBguy

    While HB 3508 did fail to exclude some violent criminals for A CHANCE to receive an extra 10% off their sentence, the alternative supported by the folks at Oregon Anti Crime Alliance (Harcleroad, Mannix, Doell) would have let virtually EVERY low level felony offender out 6 months early. Regardless of whether their behavior while in prison, or how long their sentence was. The District Attorney association supported HB 3508 over the OACA proposal. 

    And, under HB 3508, inmates didn’t automatically qualify for the extra 10% reduction. They had to show good behavior, victims could object, the DA could (and did, often) object, and a Judge could determine if the convict got that extra 10% off. I don’t believe ANYONE convicted of a violent felony got the extra 10% reduction.

    Compare that to the Harcleroad/Mannix/Doell proposal which would have not provided for hearings, objections by victims, a judicial oversight, or consideratoin of good behavior.

    The Oregon legislature was faced with a crippling budget shortfall, and   what everyone thought would be an explosion in prison population HB 3508 was the best of some bad options. OACA proposed an even worse one.

  • Mike

    I applaud anyone brave enough to want to release criminals early. It shows they care. Most criminals are much better when they get out and are much less likely to repeat their crimes as they know what prison is like for real and don’t want to go back.
    This man is brave and should be applauded for his work.

    • Mike

      I’m sorry I don’t have any facts.  I’m sorry for what I posted above.  Please don’t judge me.  I’m lonely, and I’m only hoping to make friends.  If you were as lonely as me, you’d understand.

  • valley person

    I’m surprised at all the conservatives here who obviously enjoy paying higher taxes to keep people locked up 10% longer than they would otherwise.  I mean, I thought you guys were all armed and can protect yourselves and everyone else?

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