Dorchester: Early straw poll results

Below are the straw poll results from the Oregon Dorchester Conference where over 600 Republicans statewide meet in Seaside for a weekend conference.  Below are three of the first few straw polls that were debated and voted upon.

Should Congress ban earmarks?
81% – Yes
19% – No

Congressional priorities
49% — Allow for state use of Federal lands
21% — Create Jobs
20% — Social Security Reform
10% — Clean up Congress

Education Priorities
22% — Every 3rd Grader Reads
19% — A-F Grading of Schools
17% — Tax Credit Scholarships
16% — Teacher licensing reform
13% — Disability Scholarships
11% — Teacher Incentive Pay

Will Tea Party have lasting effect on Party?

Yes 86.5%
No 12.5%


(Some rounding was used in this poll. The priority questions choices were pre-determined)