GOP Convention. McCain speech. Your thoughts.

Both conventions are over as the nation’s earliest and longest campaigning season gave way to the latest conventions in modern history. McCain gave the speech of his lifetime, did he deliver? Did he reach independents? What is the final Palin impact? Who is strongest coming out of the conventions?

Please comment.

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  • Joey Link

    I’m no expert, but I’d say our convention helped us far more than the D convention helped them. I and others have never seen McCain like we did last night. I think between Palin’s speech Wednesday and his speech last night they were successful in energizing the base.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Hot off the press from the Democratic fax machine. More talking points:

    Well, I can see why the Republicans were fired up from their convention, lets face it, the arm band and goose stepping approach always tugs at the heart strings of their base. Nothing works like hate when it comes to pepping up the knuckle draggers.

    Sure, the Republicans had a good convention, but what about set design huh?

    and finally

    Hey, over here, we still have the first black candidate, no no….look…..over here…..really, we do.

  • dean

    *Impressions from a Democrat*.

    Slow start, rousing middle, puzzling end. The red (moose?) meat on Wednesday was gobbled up. Palin exceeded expectations, which were in effect impossible to have since she was unknown and unheard of previously. I got the sense that Republicans who have been down in the dumps since the 06 election, so desperate they had turned to shape-shifting Mitt Romney as their last best hope, finally think they have found someone (Palin) to pin new hopes on to revive the old playbook: beat up wimply Democrats, suck up the last of the earth’s resources for one last big party, cut taxes for the rich, ban women’s right to abortion, keep gays at bay, and threaten anyone overseas who even looks at us crosseyed. What’s not to like? A moose carving, hockey stick weilding, nice looking gal with a Canadian accent may just be the ticket.

    McCain appeared to be trying to resurrect the Y2K version of himself that was well past the rigor mortis stage. He didn’t manage this feat for me, but that is not the question. Did he manage it for the dwindling block of undecided independents who will put either he or Obama over the top in November? And can he reel enough of them in while his VP from nowhere nails down the wing nut base? We will know in about 10 weeks.

  • Jason W.

    I agree with Dean that the begining was very slow.

    His personal story talking on his broken pride was very humbling.

    You can never lose with taxes, people just don’t want their taxes raised.

    • Sarah

      The same people that say that crap are the same ones that don’t even know what their tax structure entails. Let’s see…hmmm…first, the other candidate hasn’t said a thing about raising taxes; he said he’d cut it for 95% of the American population. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a millionaire (or not a millionaire because I make less than $5 million per year). Second, we’re fighting a “war” that costs us $12 billion per MONTH. Now you tell me, wouldn’t you be able to lower taxes if you’re not spending $144 billion dollars per year? Third, what difference does it make if you save $200 a year on taxes, if inflation is so bad you spend $2000 more per year for your basic needs. Why do people always buy in to that Republican BS!!! Ok, here you go. Are you better off now than you were 7 years ago? Because I’m sure in the heck not. Why in the heck would I trust the same group of people that told me GW was the best person to run this country? Does that make any sense to you?

  • Bob Clark

    I remain discouraged about Republican chances this November. The economy is not going Republicans’ way. It’s probably a miracle if McCain-Palin pull off victory. The Bush administration needed to pare back big government spending this decade but instead expanded it. It ruined a large part of the Republican platform. And so a McCain-Palin victory still faces severe headwind. The only part of the conventions I listened to was the Palin speech. I liked her delivery. I am hopeful she’ll hold her own against the wisely, underhanded Biden in the VP debate(s) next month. If she can hold her own, there is reason to be hopeful for a Republican comeback in the next decade. She sure is prettier than Hiliary, Nobama, Biden and McCain. Maybe that’s a bit piggish of me. Oh, well.

    • Harry

      Nice comments, Bob. Some respnses:

      Economy could be better. Hmmm, why are we talking economy? Oh, yeah. That war in Iraq is not being talked about. Even Obama (on FoxNews yesterday, but if you missed McCain’s speach(!!), then I am sure you missed Boma on Bill) admitted that the SURGE has succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams! The surge, also known as the SURGE that McCain and that Gen Be-Tray-Us pushed on Bush, the Demos, and the public against their will, has succeeded very well. So, the question is: Is McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden better able to judge and execute success in Bush’s failed excursion into Iraq? In other words, we are there, who is better able to get us out of there successfully, without long term problems like we had exiting Vietnam?

      Which allows for us to move on to the 2nd most important issue facing Americans: the Economy.

      The Economy, now in it’s 12 month of RECESSION, oh wait, it actually never did make it into a formal recession, now did it? Last fall, or last spring, we never did have two quarters of economic decline, but the MSM and the Demos kept repeating that lie, as well. So, today, should America embrace the TAX HIKES of Obama/Biden or the tax cuts of McCain/Palin? The spending of Obama/Biden or the spending of McCain/Palin? The healthcare and social security policies of Obama/Biden or of McCain/Palin? Yes, the 8 years of Bush and Congress spending was a major disaster. Who will fix spending in Wash.DC, Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin? Who will fix everything in WashDC, Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin?

      Who indeed…

      • Gina

        OMG, this has to be the worst interpretation of the situation I’ve ever heard. Do you really think the troop surge worked? Let me break something down for you. OUR COUNTRY IS NOT SAFER NOW THAN IT WAS EIGHT YEARS AGO. That was to get your attention, now let me explain. We are now indebted to the Chinese (we borrowed money from them to pay for oil) which happens to be the fastest growing economy in the world with a population full of communists that can be ordered to do anything. We also are in a conundrum with Russia, who can do whatever they want because we’re stretched so thin with our military, if they attacked us today, we couldn’t do a thing about it. On top of that, while we’ve been fighting our “war”, the Brazilians are slowing becoming the new Middle-East, having access to oil, ethanol, and agricultural export markets.

        Now you tell me, are we really safer after the troop surge if the problem has moved from Iraq to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, China, and Russia?

        • Gullyborg

          Even Obama told O’Reilly that the troop surge worked.

          And we are safer than we were 8 years ago. Eight years ago, we had a president who was willing to fire missiles whenever his mistress was in the news, but who refused to accept Osama bin Laden handed to him on a platter. He left office with America unprepared for a terror war and vulnerable to attack.

          Now we have a President who actively pursued Bin Laden and destroyed his terror network. He destroyed the Taliban and stripped away state-sponsored for al Qaeda. He removed from power the worst dictator in the world. He shifted the battleground for terror from New York City to the Anbar province. He set up a free democracy in the region that gives the US a strategic location from which to project power across the middle East. We now have a military presence on the border with Iran, much as we had a military presence in West Germany on the border of the Warsaw Pact.

          Since 9/11, there has not been a successful terror strike on the US, even though every, and I mean EVERY “expert” at the time believed 9/11 was only the beginning and were in imminent danger of a WMD attack on US soil.

          Now it is true that Russia is a problem. But what is your solution? Electing an appeaser like Obama? Or a seasoned Cold War veteran like McCain?

          And, if you haven’t noticed, we’ve been talking about the dangers of China ever since 1948. Again, what would Obama do better?

          Yes, Brazil has the potential to become an energy powerhouse. But is Brazil threatening to invade other nations? Does Brazil support international terror? Maybe a stronger economy in Brazil is exactly what the region needs to provide a better standard of living for half a billion people… people who, today, often try to come to AMERICA because of the promise of economic prosperity.

          We have succeeded in making America safer militarily by defeating the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. Now, we can continue to make America safer by standing up to Russia and China and welcoming free trade with developing nations like Brazil. McCain will do these things. Obama? Not so much…

          If you seriously believe what you are writing, you are not fit to express an opinion on national security matters. And I say that as both an ardent supporter of the First Amendment AND a former member of USAF intelligence who specialized in nuclear arms proliferation.

    • Lou

      Glad to see you pick the person to run your country based on the way they look and not what there capable of. I bet you’re just as worked up as can be that a Black man has the audacity to even attempt to be president.

      Why do people buy into that Republican BS!! I swear you have to be an ignorant individual to let a small, select group of people run your life into the gutter and tell you they just built a lake special for you. People looking for family values outside of their homes is how we ended up with the current idiot president. You let someone tell you that they care about you and want to get rid of homosexuals and will do away with Mexicans coming over the border and would ban abortion. Did you get any of that? Yet you still trust them. Seriously, if people run out and make the bad decision AGAIN (because I NEVER voted for Bush…I can sleep at night), we deserve to get whatever we have coming to us. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!!

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Looks like DailyKos sent over some of their real thinkers.

        When you start out your argument by race baiting it makes real clear why you are all fired up to vote for a guy who went to a church for twenty years and couldn’t figure out until a few months ago it was run by a man as racist as any Klansman.

        You guys just don’t know anything else, play upon fears and exploit class envy. Well, thankfully your playbook is just about run through. When you have 51% of the people saying the press is in the tank for the Dems, the jig is up. People are catching on.

        A president with lower ratings than Nixon, an economy that’s been teetering on recession for over a year, gas at $4, the best nominee the Dems have had in decades and you still can just barely break even running against a Republican nominee who is hated by his base and has one foot in the grave.

        Sad but true. Or maybe that should be pathetic but true. Maybe just pathetic is the best word.

        • cc

          Nice analysis of the situation vis-vis where the polls “ought” to be given the realities of Bush, the economy, etc.

          The beautiful thing is that, again, as you said, the loonies haven’t noticed because they’re too busy with their circle-jerk of abusive and mean-spirited talking points.

          I think the fact that Obama got ALL the media coverage up ’til the RNC was the only thing propping up the facade of his inevitablilty. Soon, the contrasts will be starker and a fair percentage of the mesmerized will shake their heads and wonder what they ever saw in this amateur hack from one of the most corrupt political machines in the country. But for Ryan’s inability to keep his zipper zipped, we wouldn’t even have to have this conversation.

          The most impressive sign of a tidal change is that, according to a Rasmussen poll taken this week, 51% of people think Palin is being treated unfairly by the media. The spell is losing its power quickly.

          Barring any substantive screw-ups by McCain/Palin, I think the next three months will bring the self-destruction of the Messiah at the hands of his own rabid supporters. As they become more strident under pressure, they will alienate more and more folks with their lies, innuendoes, sexism, ageism and misplaced smugness. Keeping Obama’s “coalition” together is like juggling chain saws – one miss and you lose something.

          I don’t think he can keep it up much longer.

          We’ll see.

  • Pat

    I assume that all of you folks are using BS to stand for Better Strategy?

    The War:
    Obama: Let’s leave with our tail between our legs, even though victory is in sight in Iraq.
    McCain: Let’s finish the job and move the troops we’re pulling out to battle the folks in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Oil / Gas prices:
    Obama: Everyone just needs to inflate their tires.
    McCain: Drill here, build here (new power plants of all kinds including nuclear)

    Russia / Iran
    Obama: Let’s all chat over tea at the ivy league country club, I think Mr. Ayers will be hosting.
    McCain: Aggressive diplomacy and not taking military operations off the table is key.

    Obama: Let’s cut taxes on the middle class by taxing the wealthy and corporations. – This leads to higher costs for products, thus costing the middle class more, so where’s the savings?
    McCain: Cut taxes on businesses to encourage growth, and increase the child tax exemption. – Allow growth, aka more jobs, and hold less of my paycheck at ransom so I can feed my kid… no brainer.

    Stop playing the race card. Seriously. If Joe Biden were the nominee, Republicans would still be upset and say the man is wrong. Accept the fact that we have legitimate reasons for not liking your candidate. Perhaps if he were a bit more experienced at the whole politics thing, he could take it better.

  • Sybella

    While everybody is running down McCain-Palin and Obama-Biden, you should look first at the congress of the United States and what they have done. They do have more power than the President. So while you’re looking at all the bad things these four individuals may or may not have done, look at Congress’ record.

    Last I knew it had less than a 20% approval rating. That should tell us something. Which party is in power. If taxes were raised under Bush, it was only done with Congress’s approval (mostly Dems) Two people do not ;make or break this country, but together they do.

    There are 536 people in congress and two in the White House. If what the 536 want is so good, they can override any veto. If they cannot, then too many of them do not agree. Which tells me either the idea is great or it sucks. That happens with either party.

    Since Dems are the majority party, instead of blasting the republicans so bad, look at them also. There are good people who are Republicans and good people who are Democrats.

    Look closely

  • sybella

    Missed a comment. My concern with the Democratic platform, is the liberal direction it’s going. If Government gets too much power, which this will give them, our rights will be diminished. Absolute power corrupts Absolutely.

    Our government was originally intended to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. This has been eroding for a lot of years now. Yes, republicans have bad apples too, but like the dems they also have good. Dems have bad apples too, but like the republicans they have good. Lets all use our heads and our common sense, avoid the rhetoric and look at what is right for the country.

    Personally, I don’t want to live off the crumbs of the rich. I want to be one. Our country gives, or gave us that opportunity. If I work hard and get ahead, why should it be taken from me just because somebody else doesn’t want to work hard and get ahead.

  • stephen

    palin… got to keep the baby even if you were raped. got to keeps it, sorry, even if it’s yer daddy’s.

    palin…..get religion into the government, ignore that pesky constitutional issue.

    palin……teach creationism is school, oops let me rephrase that…my particular of all the worlds stroies of creationism that is….brown peoples’ beliefs are just silly.

    palin……drill drill drill, more drilling while I cut budgets for alternatives. (smoke) don’t pay any attention to all those idle oil lease with verified potential that oil companies don’t use. uh…there probably isn’t oil under those lands anyway…..uh, they leased bad spots….uh they keep renewing them to….uh um…can i kiss your baby?

    palin…..occupations work great! just look throughout history…..huh? (muffled advisor wisper), scratch that….don’t read history…it’s boring.

    palin….NO NEW TAXES! (heh heh just on your grand children! whoo hahahahaha!)

    palin….we have not been hit since 9-11 when uh clinton was president…..huh? whats that shiny thing? can i kiss your baby?

    palin….our canidate knows about war! (and relives it every day of his life….KILL KILL!)

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