2012 Oregon Primary Results

by NW Spotlight


  • Mitt Romney easily won the Republican primary with 72% of the vote, Ron Paul got 12% of the vote (with 69% of the vote counted)

Portland Mayor

  •  Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith will be in a runoff in November (with 64% of the vote counted)

Congressional Primaries

  • Delinda Morgan won over Lisa Michaels in the CD#1 Republican primary – Morgan will now face Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D) in November
  • Joyce Segers won over John Sweeney in the CD#2 Democratic primary – Segers will now face Rep. Greg Walden (R) in November
  • Ronald Green won over Delia Lopez in the CD#3 Republican primary – Green will now face Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D) in November
  • Rep. Peter DeFazio won over Matthew Robinson in the CD#4 Democratic primary – Rep. DeFaZio will now face Art Robinson (R) in November
  • Fred Thompson won over Karen Bowerman in the CD#5 Republican primary – Thompson will now face Rep. Kurt Schrader (D) in November

Attorney General

  • Ellen Rosenblum (D) won over Dwight Holton (D), receiving 162,032 votes – there were 17,224 Repbulican write-in votes as of 2:45 AM

State Treasurer

  • Incumbent Ted Wheeler (D) had no opponents on the ballot and got 222,085 votes – there were 16,256 Repbulican write-in votes as of 2:45 AM

Oregon Legislature – Contested Primaries

Oregon Senate

  • Tim Knopp won over incumbent Sen. Chris Telfer in the SD#27 (Bend) Republican primary – Knopp will now face Geri Hauser (D) in November
  • Sen. Doug Whitsett won easily over Karl Scronce in the SD#28 (Klamath Falls) Republican primary
  • Bill Hansell won over Maryl Graybeal Featherstone in the SD#29 (Pendleton) Republican primary

Oregon House

  • Kelly Lovelace won over Jacob Daniels in the HD#11 (Central Lane and Linn Counties) Republican primary – Lovelace will now face Rep. Phil Barnhart (D) in November
  • John Lively won over Sandra Mann in the HD#12 (Springfield) Democratic primary – Lively will now face Joe Pishioneri (R) in November
  • Kathy LeCompte won over Tom Chereck Jr. in the HD#22 (Woodburn) Republican primary – LeCompte will now face Rep. Betty Komp (D) in November
  • Ben Unger won over Katie Riley in the HD#29 (Hillsboro) Democratic primary – Unger will now face Rep. Katie Eyre (R) in November
  • Jennifer Williamson won over Sharon Meieran in the HD#36 (Portland) Democratic primary – Williamson will now face Bruce Neal (R) in November
  • Timothy McMenamin won over Sam Cantrell in the HD#41 (Milwaukie) Republican primary – McMenamin will now face Rep. Carolyn Tomei (D) in November
  • Michael Harrington won over Daniel Ticknor in the HD#44 (North/NE Portland) Republican primary – Harrington will now face Rep. Tina Kotek (D) in November
  • Jessica Vega Pederson won over Thuy Tran and Andrew Haynes in the HD#47 (Portland) Democratic primary – Vega Pederson will now face Maggie Nelson (R) in November
  • Jeff Reardon won over incumbent Rep. Mike Schaufler in the HD#48 (Happy Valley) Democratic primary – Reardon will now face George Yellott (R) in November
  • Peter Nordbye won over Marv Hollingsworth in the HD#52 (Hood River) Democratic primary – Nordbye will now face Rep. Mark Johnson (R) in November
  • Gail Whitsett won over Tracey Liskey in the HD#56 (Klamath Falls) Republican primary
  • Rep. Bob Jenson won over Brent Smith, Jack Esp and Eli Stephens in the HD#58 (Pendleton) Republican primary – Rep. Bob Jenson will now face Heidi Van Schoonhoven in November


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