Video: Sarah palin spoof nets 2nd highest SNL audience

This video of Saturday Night Live’s opening skit helped make their premier the second most watched premier in SNL history.

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  • Joey Link

    I’m a huge Palin and I thought this was priceless. Sure, they’re making fun, but we ought to be able to laugh just the same.

  • Dull Care

    You’re a huge palin…….idiot?
    Ah, now it makes sense….
    Great video, hit the nail on the head.

    • Crawdude

      Sounds like you’re the idiot, slither back to you Blue Oregon masters.

      • dean

        I thought she looked and sounded more like Palin than Palin. 2 thumbs up.

        • Crawdude

          It was a great spoof, I took exception to the Blue Oregon’s mindless drones comment, lol!

          Anyone can find someone’s typo on here if they look hard enough. The intent of the message is what should be analysed and commented on.

          • dean

            I agree with you CD. It was rude.

          • Gullyborg

            well, it only goes to prove the old internet axiom: if you have nothing intelligent to say about the other person’s words, attack they’re grammer (yes, I did that on purpose).

          • NoDuh

            Actually, more often it’s having plenty of intelligent things to say in reply, AND plenty of work attacking their grammar!

            It’s (use apostrophe here) pathetic when this country’s media prints typos, and its (do NOT use apostrophe here) illiterate chatters couldn’t marshal a coherent thought or a literate sentence if their city issued them a badge.

  • Sid Leiken

    What I think is just as priceless is that apparently Governor Palin has dressed up as Tina Fey for Halloween.

    As for the video, it was great.

  • Jack Roberts

    I’m also a Sarah Palin fan and I thought this was great. Good satire has to sting but if this were totally one-sided, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. I actually think Hilary Clinton fans probably have more grounds to be upset than Palin fans, but either way this was very well done.

  • joe

    I can not believe anyone supports Sarah Palin. She is more clueless then Bush. I thought this spoof was hillarious. I love the part about her seeing Russia from here house

    • JD

      “i can see russia from my house…” 😀

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