Rural Freedom Project – Juniper Entrepreneur

Gerard Joseph Lebreque talks with the Cascade Policy Institute about his struggles with regulations on juniper and his life in rural Oregon.

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  • Oregonnative

         I know what Gerald L. is talking about, but it is a little misleading.
    I think BLM lets most of the Juniper Cutting Contracts, with USDA being second. The problem is once they let those contracts then the contractor can sub-let the removable of marketable material, ( ie: Gerald L. living, firewood and also markable lumber of the juniper).

    ….but then a feasability study is needed about running vehicles over native grasses, or other erosion damages.

         So BLM or USDA is not going to include a clause for salvage, because of lawsuits from “Greenie Organization” , ( in which I am afraid to mention because their war chest is bigger than mine), will tied the impact statement up for your years ot lawsuits thereof. Just to cut down a few Junipers that is a weed anyway.

         So Gerald L., really can not live off the land picking up a few Juniper pieces off slash and burn projects, as he does not have the proper licence or insurance to protect the goverment agencies that we created in the first place. The same agencies that knowlingly contract out to companies that hire illegals to do forestry’s dirty work, as it is done with cheaper bids.

          Sorry Gerald L., you have had the shaft from day one. Oh, by the way I did not see your Workman’s Comp sign anywhere in your video. Has OSHA check you to see if you might have a teenage son that might be working in “any” hazardous conditions.

         Good Luck Gerald L.

    • Ardbeg

      So basically issues are not as simple as some people would like to make them?