Executive Club Speakers: AFP and 912 Project

Hon. Jeff Kropf and Art Scevola
Oregon Executive Club Speaker Series
Wed. Dec 1, 6:30pm
Portland Airport Shilo Inn

The election made it clear a majority of voters have awakened to the need to return to the constitutional principles of limited government.The conservative shift was palpable and heartening, and we know it didn’t happen in a vacuum. The reversal of voters’ attitudes about excessive government and taxation came about, in no small part because of the involvement of regular citizens in Tea Party movement and other patriotic activists, like Jeff Kropf, leader of Oregon Americans for Prosperity, who is our featured speaker for the December meeting.

Of course, Jeff is well known to Exec Club members, but he is bringing with him a friend and activist who has been also been very effective helping in the effort to reverse the size of Oregon government. Art Scevola is the leader of the effective Oregon 912 Project. Both Kropf and Scevola will give us their take on what needs to be done by their groups, and the rest of us, to insure politicians understand that they need to diminish the size and power of the governing class.