Representative Matt Wand working to help more Oregonians stay in their homes

Rep. Wand Supports Funding for Foreclosure Counseling, Outreach for Distressed Homeowners

Funding Will Also Support Monitoring, Enforcement of Foreclosure Fraud

SALEM—Rep. Matt Wand (R-Troutdale) this week supported the legislative Emergency Board’s decision to provide over $7.6 million for programs to assist distressed homeowners facing foreclosure and to combat foreclosure fraud.  The funding will help implement a new law Rep. Wand co-authored earlier this year to help more Oregonians stay in their homes.

“The 2012 legislation, along with the funding authorized today, will help an estimated 18,000 Oregon homeowners who are facing foreclosure,” Rep. Wand said. “The package will ensure that Oregonians get the information they need to understand their options, learn what they can reasonably afford, and take appropriate steps to keep their homes.”

The Emergency Board will provide over $3.8 million to the Oregon Housing and Community Services Department for foreclosure counseling, legal assistance and outreach to distressed homeowners.  The Department of Justice will also receive over $3.7 million to establish a new mediation program, as well as to support the monitoring and enforcement of foreclosure fraud.

“While I’m very pleased with today’s action, foreclosure-related legislation and funding will only solve a part of the problem,” Rep. Wand said. “The number one cause of home foreclosures is the loss of jobs, and the Legislature must take more aggressive action to help improve our economy and private sector. I will continue to help our local businesses expand by hiring our neighbors.”

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    So $7.6M out of $25B spread across 49 states? Gee, how generous.

    Where did the rest of Oregon’s share go?

  • David Appell

    Why do homeowners need counseling on “what they can reasonably afford?” Is it the government’s job to prepare people’s budgets and hold their hand through purchases? Should homeowners not be held responsible for the business contracts they freely signed? 

    If there was “fraud” then prosecute the fraud. Those defrauded have access to the courts like anyone else.Homeowners already cost the taxpayers about $100 B/yr through the home mortgage interest deduction. How much more do they want?

    • guest

      The writer may very well serve a movement of history as its mouthpiece, but he cannot of course create it.

      The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.

      The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.

      Karl Marx

      • David Appell

        Where did I call for an abolition of private property?

        (And you need to reread political philosophy — “Communism” cannot be summed up in the way you claim.)

    • Rupert in Springfield

       I completely and thoroughly agree with you on this one. At least on the fraud part.

      On the interest deduction, I also agree with you, it should be eliminated, however the standard deduction for non itemizing filers should also be eliminated as well.

      • David Appell

        Except, if it turns out there was systematic fraud, I hope the government collectively prosecutes those responsible to the fullest extent of the law. 

        • Rupert in Springfield

          They did. 49 states sued and won the second biggest settlement in US history. $25B. This is news to you?

          What I am asking is out of that settlement, how were those affected, which is not the state, given compensation?

          When a state sues because a group of citizens has been somehow victimized, that money should go to those victims. Not simply be an unexpected windfall when the state itself suffered no harm.

          • David Appell

            Do you have a mortgage, Rupert in Springfield?

            If so, how much of it has been paid by taxpayer subsidies? 

            Surely a tightwad conservative like you must have added it up over the years….

            [BTW, are you still at [email protected], user name “max8 maximum”?]

          • David Appell

            What relationship does that suit have to this legislation? 

  • Aristotlemac

    Groan. Go ahead and vote for this crap if you have to. But don’t tout it like it is good. Especially on blogs like this that is read by people who know better.

  • Oregon engineer

     All you bleeding hearts out there just shut up and go away.  I have been there, done that, got the Tshirt.  Nobody helped me out while the lawyers and gov spent lots of money.
    I was laid off, the next company went broke and I had to move for the next job.  Never lost the house, never missed a meal and the house was worth only 2/3s what I paid for it, took better part of ten years to recover, had a wife and child.  So Shut up and quit spending my tax dollars on people who were too stupid to read and understand the contract and afraid to ask questions.  Not everybody should buy a house.

    • David Appell

      Poor you — got laid off…. Hey, that’s capitalism, buddy. 
      How much of *your* mortgage was paid for by the taxpayers? Fess up and be honest….

      • Oregon engineer

         Haven’t you heard of something called savings/emergency fund?  It is very obvious you do not and do not believe any of the radio talk financial advisers such as Dave Ramsey or Clark Howard. Live with in your means.

  • LaidBack

    This brave man will finally do something to help people who choose not to work still live the American dream. I say THANKS!!!!

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