Wednesday Executive Club: Rep. Matt Wingard and Matt Wand

Oregon Executive Club Speaker Series
Rep Matt Wingard and Rep Elect Matt Wand
Wed. Nov 10th,
6:30pm Shilo Inn Portland Airport

On election day it became clear that American voters have taken a giant step down the road toward a return to the principles of limited government. It happened at the state level, too, but because Oregon is such a Blue State, the step may not have seemed quite as great. But, it is a good beginning, and in that spirit we will feature a pair of “Matts” who intend to stay the course. Rep Matt Wingard, will spell out for us how he and allied legislators intend to keep Oregon moving in the right direction coming session. Wingard will have with him a new colleague in the House, Rep Matt Wand, who beat the incumbent Democrat Nick Kahl in HD 49, the Troutdale seat previously held by Karen Minnis. Wand’s regular attendance at Exec Club meetings indicates he will be a great addition to the legislature. Join us to wish both of these patriots well on their mission to Salem.