Sordid fraud case against John Edwards ends in mistrial

by NW Spotlight

The Huffington Post reported late yesterday that John Edwards’ campaign finance fraud case ended in a mistrial. Jurors acquitted him on 1 of 6 felony charges – but couldn’t decide on the other charges.

The Huffington Post also reported that Federal prosecutors are unlikely to retry the case.

Edwards said “I did an awful, awful lot that was wrong and there is no one else responsible for my sins,” on the courthouse steps, referring to his sordid sex scandal.

Edwards, Democratic former U.S. Senator and Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate, was charged with illegally arranging for $1 million in secret hush money for his mistress to keep quiet about their affair and their love child during his 2008 White House campaign – while his wife Elizabeth was battling the breast cancer that claimed her life in 2010. The mistress settled a legal battle over ownership of an explicit sex tape she made with Edwards during his 2008 campaign for president (the tape was later ordered destroyed).