Executive Club Speaker: Karla Kay Edwards

Executive Club Speaker: Karla Kay Edwards
Wed. March 7, 2012
Portland Airport Shilo Inn,

Karla Kay Edwards, maintains that our relatively unfettered free market economy has been the foundation of the American Dream and American preeminence in the world. But now, the out of control spending, increases in debt and endless regulation by the political class is causing the United States to slip dramatically in the rankings of the World Index of Economic Freedom.

Edwards, the new Oregon State Director of Americans For Prosperity, is a strong advocate for private enterprise and restrained government. Karla Kay has fought for those values in both the private and public sector, having worked most recently at the Cascade Policy Institute as its Rural Policy Analyst.

As a side note, Karla was in Salem for much of the legislative “short session,” and she will tell us whether, or not, Oregon citizens will realize any benefits from the new system of “annual sessions.”

Meet and hear Karla Kay Edwards as she connects the dots on why economic freedom is the best way to ensure health, prosperity, and a good quality of life for future generations. EC