Hollywood Parodies Michael Moore

The comedy An American Carol opens nationwide Oct. 3 at 2,000 theaters. IMdb.com writes, the movie is about an “anti-American filmmaker who’s out to abolish the July Fourth holiday [and] is visited by three ghosts who try to change his perception of the country.” The lead goof, Michael Malone, is played by Kevin P. Farley, the younger brother of Chris. The parody also stars Oscar-winner Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammer (Cheers, Fraiser), James Woods (Casino, Any Given Sunday), Dennis Hopper (Blue Velvet, Easy Rider), Leslie Nielson (Naked Gun) and Jillian Murray. What kind of comedy is it? Well, it was co-written and directed by David Zucker, co-writer of Airplane! If Michael Moore has ever made you laugh for one reason, An American Carol will likely make you laugh for another. Catch it at a theater near you Fri., Oct. 3.