Another problem with government-run healthcare, aka SEIU-care

by NW Spotlight

The UK Telegraph is reporting that an upcoming one-day doctor strike (“industrial action”) by the UK doctor’s union, the British Medical Association, will cause a three month backlog and affect one million patients needing surgery or hospital appointments.

The British doctors’ union is planning the strike over proposed changes to doctors’ retirement pensions. The move by the British doctors’ union has led to accusations of them being “greedy” and leaving patients “waiting in pain” for surgery.

The British Medical Association has also been accused of hypocrisy after staff working for the British Medical Association itself voted to strike in a dispute over pay.

In England’s publicly funded healthcare system – the National Health Service (NHS) – the government is the single-payer and it owns healthcare resources (like hospitals) and employs personnel.

SEIU-care: Although government-run healthcare in the U.S. would certainly be good for the SEIU – SEIU was a major player in pushing Obamacare – nationwide doctor strikes are yet another possible downside.

SEIU is the largest healthcare union in the country, and is the fastest-growing union in North America. SEIU is also the second largest union of public employees. Moving further towards an almost completely government-run healthcare system like the NHS would be a huge win for SEIU – there would be more goverment employees to administer the healthcare system and they’ve already got the healthcare workers covered – being the the largest healthcare union in the country.

* SEIU Doctors out in full force on Capitol Hill to support health care reform *

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Given the public’s feelings towards Obamacare one would tend to think that further efforts to nationalize health care in this country seem dim at best. That’s one bright spot of the fiscal/political horizon.

    I think whatever future there is for government in health care on a national basis, that future relies on doing things that actually help people rather than sops to union bosses.

    The Supreme Court decision this month could make the whole point moot, but should BO care somehow remain standing Romney, if elected, has pledged to repeal it. Should that come to pass I would bet there will be impetus to do things along the lines of getting government out of the way with health care rather than inserting itself. Such steps along these lines have been discussed previously on these pages and it would probably be a good moment to try implementing some of them.

    Of course should Walker lose in today’s vote, expect an emboldened union attitude in general and SEIU in particular. Still, I don’t think the mood nationally is towards lining these peoples pockets even further.

    • David from Mill City


      The problem with health care in the United States is not the
      Government; it is the For-Profit Health Insurance Industry. It is the Health
      Insurance Industry that operates Death Panels not the Government. It is the
      Health Insurance Industry that expects unconscious accident victims to get
      prior approval for the ambulance ride to the ER not the government.  It is the Health Insurance Industry that
      requires Doctors to proscribe less effective drugs to show they are less
      effective before they can prescribe the effective one not the government.

      If fixing Health Care in the United States is your goal,
      getting For-Profit Health Insurance Companies out of the picture should be your
      first step.  The Affordable Health Care
      Act starts us on that path.

      As to Labor Unions, they are not the cause of our current
      economic crises; they are a key part the solution. It is a lack of unionization
      in the private sector that is at the root of the difference in public and
      private sector compensation packages not the existence of public sector unions.

  • Moebly

    Free healthcare is always better than healthcare you pay for.
    Thanks to O for this free care. I love it.

  • Bob Clark

    Private doctor practices are diminishing quickly it seems because of government’s increasing involvement in health care in Oregon and the U.S.  How sad.  Welcome to Goolog style, single payer government run health care. 

    • 3H

      Except that it appears that doctors are choosing to work for hospitals, rather than form their own practice.

      • JoelinPDX

        Or, maybe they know that our screwed up, liberal legal system makes buying malpractice insurance next to impossible. Couple that with the reduced earnings a doctor would make under Obozocare and becoming a hospitalist looks mighty good.

        Of course, NPR would never report anything like that since it would screw up the liberal bias in its story…it’s much better to just pretend that this is the hot thing amongst the physicians.

        • 3H

          Right, and it couldn’t be for the reasons stated in the NPR piece?  

          However, if you have alternative sources that illustrate and back up your points, I’ll be happy to consider them.

          As for malpractice… the tort system is part of a liberal legal system?  How so?  You don’t believe that people should be able to sue a doctor for causing real harm through their incompetence or inattention?  

          • JoelinPDX

            No David and 3H, malpractice lawsuits are not the way we put an end to shabby medical practice. I’m fine with malpractice suits, so long as the loser pays. That would make the system fair and equitable.

            As for proof, just look around. Many OB/GYNs are quitting the OB part of their practice because any problem with a birth is laid on them regardless of the cause. Their malpractice insurance costs made practicing OB undoable. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

             And my mother worked for years as a a legal assistant. She says rarely a day passed without someone coming in with a frivolous claim wanting to know how much it was worth.  Yeah, malpractice lawsuits stop bad doctors…not!

          • David from Mill City


            I am afraid that Malpractice Suits are the only way that we
            currently have to deal with shabby medical practices.  In my experience Law Enforcement is not
            interested, nor are the local Medical Boards. That leaves Malpractice Suits. Is
            it the best way? Not hardly, but is all we have at this time.

            As to the OB/GYN problem, raising a child with a severe
            medical problem is very expensive and until recently when a provision of the
            Affordable Care Act kicked in Health Insurance Companies considered birth
            defects a pre-existing condition and did not cover the medical treatment of
            them. This leaves only one choice, going after the doctor’s malpractice
            coverage. Is this fair, not at all, but that is what is available.

            Which brings up an often overlooked reality, when a
            treatment or procedure has a 90% chance of success, 10% of the time there is a
            looser who faces a life time of medical and related costs, our current health
            insurance system does not address this reality at all.


          • JoelinPDX

            raising a child with a severe

            medical problem is very expensive…”
            So, we might as well just charge the doctors for them regardless of the cause. Yeah, that’s really fair and equitable.

          • David Appell

            Read David’s comment again, because he’s already saying that the current system is not fair or equitable. 

            He wrote: “Health Insurance Companies considered birth defects a pre-existing condition and did not cover the medical treatment ofthem.” *That’s* the problem — because the system is set up to first provide profits and not health, it is skewed and inefficient, so those who can’t afford care are forced to get it any way they can.Health care is fundamentally incompatible with the same free market principles that are used to purchase something over which consumers have a choice of whether to buy or not. 

          • David from Mill City


            The American Health Care System is badly in need of a major
            overhaul.  The current system creates
            situations were good people are forced to do unreasonable things and other
            people are forced to pay for things that the system should cover.  Families forced by circumstances beyond their
            control having to resort to a Malpractice suit to get the money to pay for the
            long term medical care of a child born with a major birth defect is one of
            those problems.  

            Requiring Health Insurance Companies to cover this type of
            care is a less unfair solution to the problem. Personally I favor a
            Single-Payer System that provides treatment to covered individuals regardless
            of the cause of their condition.  In this
            system it would not matter if the condition was the result of disease, auto
            accident, injury at work, malpractice or bad luck you would be treated. Add an
            Affordable National Disability Insurance System that is  Voluntary and a real and effective system for identifying
            and sanctioning bad medical practitioners, be they Doctors, Nurses, PAs, NPs or
            Technicians, and the Malpractice problem is solved. And as a side benefit ,
            Auto, Workman’s Comp, Home Owners and Renters Insurance premiums would be less.

          • 3H

            Too reasonable.  Next.

        • David from Mill City


          Malpractice Suits is how we deal with incompetent Doctors. It
          is not a particularly good method but it is all we have. Malpractice “reform”
          is just a way to let incompetent doctors get away with murder. But then I might
          be biased as an incompetent doctor killed my father.

  • JoelinPDX

    Yes!!! The people of Wisconsin have told the public employee unions where they can put it. A decisive win for Walker and a loss for Obozo.

  • David Appell

    NO ONE is the U.S. is calling for a government-run medical system like England’s NHS. 

    They’re calling for a government-run *insurance* system, which is what all other advanced countries have around the world. There’s a huge difference. 

    • JoelinPDX

      So, what are you saying David? England isn’t an advanced nation? But kind if a Poh-Tay-Toh/Poh-Tah-Toh type of thing really.

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