Why is the GOP supporting an SEIU idea?

by Anonymous

I am a management service employee in State Government. I am also as Republican as they come. Working in such a Democrat-dominated government is more than frustrating.

HB 2020 was bad enough. Then HB 4131.  So many Republicans agreeing with an idea that originated in the research offices of SEIU. I just want to know where this thinking comes from. I can’t believe that SEIU has anything in mind except the collection of more dues from the employees they have removed from the supervisory ranks.

Where do you think those dues are going to go?  To Republican candidates? Really? I get the bloated government problem. I see it everyday. But this method will only put money in the coffers of the SEIU, embolden them and their Democratic buddies, and worst of all it will make a hash of the management service. Nice job GOP.

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  • Anonymous

    Good Article and points made…  It only goes to prove our problem is much deeper than just Obama and the Capital Hill Crowd…  RINO’s are every where including City, County and State levels… They weaken the Conservative efforts by stabbing their supporters in the back…  This is why as conservatives we need to focus on ALL levels of Government as elections come due…  Forget what they say, Look at what they have done then act on that only… 

    RINO  (Republican In Name Only) alias Back Stabber

  • Anonymous

    Every Representative needs to be held accountable for their vote, as a constituent it is your responsibility to request an explanation of why a vote was made.   
    To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. Abraham Lincoln Once the Representative is elected, even if you voted against them, they now represent you. There are many avenues to speak out against your Representative, most have FB or they tweet, and they have web pages…use them folks..it is up to you!
    Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.
    Abraham Lincoln

  • Ramalama

    Another crappy article from OC, that essentially says “this is bad because these people support it,” but doesn’t give any substantive reasons for opposing it.

    • guest

      Ramalama’s dingalong doesn’t sguare with the truth that Bill Sizemore has oft repeated.  Pity! 

  • Ron Marquez

    Bruce Hanna, Ted Ferrioli,

    Chime in, please.

  • Helpinghands

    If it wasn’t for the union I would not be making a living wage as a home health care worker.
    They have my support forever!

    • Ballistic45

       Unions have done some good in hours, wages, benefits…  But now they are run for the express purpose of being a financial support mechanism for the Radical Left forcing members to be a party to supporting Liberal agendas they may not agree with….  Liberals want to ban Corporations from financing Politics, FINE, then also ban Unions from doing the same….. 

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