Why is the GOP supporting an SEIU idea?

by Anonymous

I am a management service employee in State Government. I am also as Republican as they come. Working in such a Democrat-dominated government is more than frustrating.

HB 2020 was bad enough. Then HB 4131.  So many Republicans agreeing with an idea that originated in the research offices of SEIU. I just want to know where this thinking comes from. I can’t believe that SEIU has anything in mind except the collection of more dues from the employees they have removed from the supervisory ranks.

Where do you think those dues are going to go?  To Republican candidates? Really? I get the bloated government problem. I see it everyday. But this method will only put money in the coffers of the SEIU, embolden them and their Democratic buddies, and worst of all it will make a hash of the management service. Nice job GOP.