Bailout or Handout?

The Senate has passed a bailout bill and now that hot potato is in the hands of the house. That Monday’s version only received 60% of Democrat and 40% of Republican votes in the house tells me it was a REALLY BAD piece of work. Why Nancy Pelosi brought it to the floor without the votes to pass is a mystery. Only eleven minds need to be changed in the house, so it’s probably a done deal.

And now the feeding frenzy begins.

Because, humble taxpayer, there are 700,000,000,000 dollars up for grabs and every special interest has their hands out. Those same Senators who stood there during last night’s press conference praising each other after the fashion of actors making academy award speeches, and almost every house member, are going to be digging into that candy jar to spread around as much as they can to those special interests.

You should all have some empathy for weak men in prison, because you’ve just been sodomized, it’s going to continue for a while, there’s not a damn thing you can do about it because the alternative is much worse, and you may still wind up doomed anyway.