What should government do efficiently or not at all?

We sat down with Cascade Policy Institute Senior Policy Analyst, Steve Buckstein, to talk about his latest commentary, Oregon’s Budget Transformation which discusses government trying to do efficiently that which it shouldn’t be doing at all.

Learn more at cascadepolicy.org.

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  • Boywonder

    How about keeping us safe on an international basis. That is all.

    • valley gender neutral

       So you are ok drinking someone elses sewage?

  • ShaneYoung

    But does the function to protect life, liberty and property justify a monopoly on the military, police force and judicial system, or a blatant use of coercion and aggression through involuntary taxation, foreign wars and an extreme limitation of civil liberties (all under the pretense that we operate under a valid and voluntary “social contract”)? Even from a pragmatic point of view, isn’t the U.S. military, police and courts operating in a less than productive fashion? As we continue to take small (and big!) steps towards getting the state out of things such as the creation of jobs and the regulation of alcohol, we should always remember to apply our philosophical reasons for doing so to other functions of the state which may be just as immoral and pragmatically infeasible. Futhermore, we may find, as I believe we undoubtedly must, that the monopoly on things such as the judicial system only serves to facilitate the ability of the state to enter into things such as the picking of winners and losers in what should be an actual free market, not only in one or two areas, but in all areas. 

    Good video Steve! 

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