Portland votes on Income Tax for Art

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Portland is still fresh off their hotel tax increase, $2 million dollar Tri-met bench fee plan and a possible half billion school bond proposal, to make time to help Portland be the only city in Oregon with its own income tax. Tonight, the City Council will vote on it. It seems the millions the state spends on art is not enough for a city that cannot balance its budget. So taxpayers will be punished,a new $12 million art bureaucracy will be created, taxpayer families will be hurt, jobs will be lost and Portland will veer even farther from budget discipline exercised in more prosperous cities.

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  • Bob Clark

    I plan to give public testimony on this, at this afternoon’s city hall meeting. There appears to be some real language problems with this resolution that could cause real unfairness in the administration of this new tax. Geez, can’t we take a rest from all the changes Adams has brought about since last summer when he announced his intention to leave office? He’s on a Jihad of sorts trying to leave behind some kind of community first like agenda, never mind the individual working family. I hope we can at least place Arguments Against this “arts” tax in the Voter pamphlet and inform citizens on the dubious reasons behing this new form of city taxation.
    The School bond we can do the same, but I don’t plan to be as involved. Our efforts on the school bond have brought the proposed property tax rate down from $2 per $1k tax assessed value to somewhere around $1 per $1k. A victory of sorts, but I know a lot of you want maybe even no school bond/tax at all.

  • Bob Clark

    I gave testimony at the city council session on the new arts tax, this afternoon. The session was a circus of sorts: The Creative Advocacy Network (a Sam Adams shell organization) paraded one singer and musician after another up to testify. At one point the “Pink Martini” guy gave a speech in favor of more public monies for the arts and music. The Chambers were stacked from floor to the ceiling with art groups and music groups. The fix was in. But what was maddening is Adams’ shell outfit (Creative Advocacy Network) took so long past their alotted time, public commenters saw their 3 minutes cut to 2 minutes; and during public comment, two of the Commissioners (Saltzman and Fish) had already gotten up and left. In the end the Arts measure was approved for the ballot.
    According to the press report, all residents will have to file a new form for this tax. That’s one big negative right there to use against this tax measure. I tried to get the Council to clarify what they meant by earned income, because the IRS only considers earned income as wages, salaries, and self employment income; other income, called passive, is not considered earned. There are lot of ways to attack this new measure, and possibly defeat it at the ballot. But will be up against local celebrities and other candy takers.

  • Bob Clark

    Oh, I forgot to add. At one point Commissioner Fish was saying how we don’t want Portland to turn into San Francisco with only poor and super rich folks. But this is the way Portland is headed with this City council’s policies.

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