Election complaint filed againts House candidate Brent Barton

[Press Release by Tyler Smith pertaining to House #51 candidate Brent Barton vs. Linda Flores]

Attorney Files Formal Complaint with Secretary of State against Brent Barton for Lying in his Voters’ Pamphlet A formal election law complaint is being filed with the Secretary of State against Brent Barton for violating one or more Oregon election laws. Canby attorney Tyler Smith states in the complaint that Mr. Barton has either violated election law by seriously misleading Clackamas county voters by padding his resume or has violated election laws by failing to include his alleged employment as a “criminal prosecutor” in violation of both ORS 251.085 and ORS 260.532.

The complaint states that Mr. Barton has, in five separate occasions while campaigning, stated he was a “criminal prosecutor” or had a “background as a criminal prosecutor.” Mr. Barton claims he was a criminal prosecutor while in law school.

If Mr. Barton was a real prosecutor, he should have listed this employment in the voters’ pamphlet statement next to prior governmental experience. If Mr. Barton was not a prosecutor he has lied to pad his resume.

The complaint requests that the Secretary of State investigate this matter immediately and if warranted prosecute Mr. Barton immediately.