Scott Hansen calls on Monnes Anderson to make clean campaign pledge

Press release from the Scott Hansen for State Senate campaign:

Gresham, OR – Scott Hansen (R-Gresham), candidate for Senate District 25, is calling on his opponent Senator Monnes Anderson (D-Gresham) to abandon sleazy political tactics like the recent personal attacks through widely discredited “push polls.” Highly controversial, and universally condemned, push-polling was done this past week throughout the East County’s District 25.

“Last election cycle candidates Andre Wang (R-Gresham) and Greg Matthews (D-Gresham) successfully pledged to run clean, civil campaigns focused on the issues of East County. Both campaigns maintained a healthy tone for the entire race, reflecting the attitude of respect that should typify East County,” stated Senate candidate Scott Hanson.

Over the last week a push-poll has been burning through the district, pushing grossly misleading questions about Hansen’s personal life and family and deceiving voters about Hansen’s record of public service. Push polls have been widely discredited and condemned nationally as the worst of campaign tactics and reflect very poorly on Laurie Monnes Andreson (D-Gresham). “East County deserves better than the nasty, negative campaigns run by DC style consulting corporations,” said Hansen. “I have pledged to campaign on the issues, and to talk about solutions to the problems plaguing our community. I will not personally attack my opponent, and will limit my campaign to discussing and contrasting how my opponent and I differ on the issues. I hope Senator Monnes Anderson can join me in this pledge.”

Scott Hansen is running for State Senator of District 25, including Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, and Wood Village. Scott Hansen is a life-long East County resident. He grew up in Gresham and attended Gresham High School before joining the Navy in 1984. In the Navy Scott began his dental work, and upon returning from duty in 1990, he began practicing in the Gresham area. Scott has been involved on many boards and committees related to not only his field of dentistry but also supporting public education in Gresham. Scott is the proud father and stepfather of nine children (seven daughters and two sons) and eight grandchildren.