Lars Larson on Obamanomics and American jobs

Let’s talk a little bit about Barack Obama’s plan to bring American jobs back home.

I have to admit that I’ve just about had my fill of candidate Barack Obama complaining about American companies taking jobs overseas. Look, I’d like to have Americans have great jobs here as well. But, American companies go overseas because labor is cheaper, regulations are smaller or lower, and taxes are lower as well.

He’d like to bring them back home and he’d like to do that by punishing those companies. By punishing them for not being open to unions. By punishing them for not having first rate health care plans.
You know, most of the things that candidate Obama promises to punish American companies for are bound and determined to make those American companies stay overseas, instead of bringing the jobs back here.

The right way to keep American jobs at home is lower regulations, lower taxes, make it easier to do business here, automate, and use our technology. Do it the smart way. Keep the jobs that way, not by punishing those who don’t tow the Obama line.

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