Election night painful, but historically normal

– After a two year presidential term, the opposition party historically gains the presidency and congressional seats.

– A poor economy will always be tied to the sitting President and his party, regardless of who is in Congress. (The timing of the market crisis could not have been worse).

In light of just those two factors alone (not including fundraising disadvantages, media bias, messaging, etc.) McCain ran an honorable campaign against tough odds, we should be encouraged. As for Obama, I applaud Barack Obama as my new President who ran an unbelievable campaign and helped make history last night. I respect the voters and my new President and so should my fellow taxpayers.

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  • Alan Grosso

    Sorry Jason – I love you and the work you do for us but I will NOT join you in respecting the voters or the new President-elect. The voters across Oregon and America voted for more government and more taxation. Look at the ballot measure results in Oregon:
    double majority – defeated
    a chance to deduct all federal income tax on state returns – defeated. this would have been a HUGE amount of money to families who need it, instead they give it to the state
    numerous local option levy’s – passed – again keeping government whole while people are in so called “economic crisis”.

    Sorry – I have no respect for people who cannot see that giving over 50% of your income to government is criminal and immoral. As far as Obama is concerned – he is their leader – a 1960’s style activist who will bring this immoral behavior to new heights.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I agree. In the end I felt both candidates ran as honorable a campaign as one can expect these days. Frankly I think no matter where one stands, it is hard not to have a certain pride in our country at such an historic moment.

    Obama ran a much better campaign than McCain throughout and that part of his win should not be lost. Sure conditions favoured him, but he also ran a brilliant campaign despite some very tough hurdles.

    I think in the end maybe all of our assessments of Obama as a leader might improve in the coming months. In the waning days of the campaign he managed to somehow lock Joe Biden away and make him shut up for almost two solid weeks. If nothing else, with that act alone he has demonstrated strategic thinking and a level of patience beyond which most of us are capable.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Just to be clear, was agreeing with Jasons article. A case of dily dallying with the writing.

  • dean

    Well said Jason and Rupert. Lets all hope Obama governs as competently as he campaigned, and that his policies have positive results. If not, the worm will turn again soon enough.

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