From Hope and Change to Disillusioned in just 4 years

by NW Spotlight

Citizens United has created an hour-long film about disillusioned Obama voters titled ‘The Hope and the Change’. It is described as “The surprising personal journeys of 40 Democrats and Independents from across America who supported Obama in 2008.”

Peter J. Boyer has an excellent article on the background of the film on Newsweek/The Daily Beast.

The film’s rollout will begin with an hour-long special on Fox News today, hosted by Sean Hannity. But that’s not where the film’s maker is looking to get his message heard. PBS is planning to broadcast a panel discussion on the film’s subject—disillusioned Obama voters, and the ad money for the film will be spent at MSNBC and CNN. The film’s maker, David Bossie, said “I’m not gonna preach to the choir with this film.”

The ‘Hope and the Change’ will make its premiere at a screening next week at the Republican National Convention in Florida.