Poll: Wu should resign! Cornilles favored over Wu

A Survey USA News Poll on the David Wu Congressional Seat shows that most voters in the district want Congressman David Wu to resign and most voters favor challenger Rob Cornilles. See Survey USA Wu poll here.

If there were a new election for US House of Representatives TODAY, who would you vote for?
Rob Cornilles (R) 41%
David Wu (D) 33%

Based on what you know, should David Wu remain in office? Or should he resign?

Resign    46%
Remain In Office    42%
Not Sure    12%

Does the public have the right to know about David Wu’s mental health? Or is Wu entitled to privacy?
Right To Know    56%
Entitled To Privacy    39%

About his mental health, has David Wu said… too much? Too little? Or just about the right amount?
Too Much    9%
Too Little    44%
Just About Right    38%
Not Sure    9%