Swing voters planning to vote for Romney/Ryan

by NW Spotlight

Swing voters in a focus group in Tampa, Florida, are signaling trouble for the Obama/Biden ticket, and great news for the Romney/Ryan ticket. One of the more significant things about this group of swing voters: “Almost all of them voted for Obama in 2008. Almost none of them are committed to doing it again.”

An article yesterday in the National Review describes how “swing voters may be locking in for Romney”, based on polling of focus groups conducted by Frank Luntz. The article describes how “schizophrenic” the swing voters are – including one who liked Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan equally. But the one place they seem to be agreeing – they plan to vote for Mitt Romney. In fact, the article states flat out “If Luntz picks his swing-voter focus groups as carefully as he claims, Romney/Ryan has this whole thing sewn up.”

Tough times for President Obama. The focus group members in the article now have this to say about the President they voted for in 2008: “narcissist,” “polarizing,” “trying,” “having hope,” “incapable,” “lost,” “polarizing,” “socialist” (!), and most damning of all, “disappointing.”

The most effective ad overall with the focus group was an Americans for Prosperity commercial with testimonials from disappointed Obama voters. Luntz said he’s hearing the same thing in most of his swing voter focus groups. “People really like President Obama, and what they are looking for is permission to vote for Romney anyway. This ad delivers it.”