Swing voters planning to vote for Romney/Ryan

by NW Spotlight

Swing voters in a focus group in Tampa, Florida, are signaling trouble for the Obama/Biden ticket, and great news for the Romney/Ryan ticket. One of the more significant things about this group of swing voters: “Almost all of them voted for Obama in 2008. Almost none of them are committed to doing it again.”

An article yesterday in the National Review describes how “swing voters may be locking in for Romney”, based on polling of focus groups conducted by Frank Luntz. The article describes how “schizophrenic” the swing voters are – including one who liked Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan equally. But the one place they seem to be agreeing – they plan to vote for Mitt Romney. In fact, the article states flat out “If Luntz picks his swing-voter focus groups as carefully as he claims, Romney/Ryan has this whole thing sewn up.”

Tough times for President Obama. The focus group members in the article now have this to say about the President they voted for in 2008: “narcissist,” “polarizing,” “trying,” “having hope,” “incapable,” “lost,” “polarizing,” “socialist” (!), and most damning of all, “disappointing.”

The most effective ad overall with the focus group was an Americans for Prosperity commercial with testimonials from disappointed Obama voters. Luntz said he’s hearing the same thing in most of his swing voter focus groups. “People really like President Obama, and what they are looking for is permission to vote for Romney anyway. This ad delivers it.”

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    I frankly don’t believe a lot of the polling on this election. Every poll goes on about Obama’s high likability and I simply don’t see it. He is perfectly fine, but just simply is not overbearingly likeable. What I think is happening in a lot of polls is people are giving a rote answer, one that is practiced through four years of dealing with a president where any criticism of even his more obvious and quite serious mistakes ignites a firestorm of outrage from the opposition. So people just default to “I really like him personally, he’s just so likeable”.

    In a country western bar full of NRA members on half priced night for ladies with thigh holsters, one could probably suggest that Bush invading Iraq was a mistake and that spending was too high. You might not get full agreement, but you wouldn’t get shot either.

    In a vegan restaurant full of iPhone mesmerized socially “concerned” zombies try suggesting that Obama took his eye off the ball that is the economy and instead spent two years on a health care plan of questionable value with the result that we spent $1T on a stimulus that was largely ineffective. People will freak out.

    With Bush, supporters and detractors alike could all admit the obvious – the man had a tendency to mangle words that was sometimes funny, other times disturbing. With Dan Quayle everybody could admit potatoe was stupid and Quayle as president, should something tragic happen, was disturbing because at least we all understood it would be preferable to have a president who had reached puberty. With Al Gore we could all admit the man was wooden as hell, had a voice geared more towards hosting childrens TV shows than the presidency and clearly was cut out in life to be a perpetual second banana. With Clinton even Ted Nugent would agree the man was smart. All could also agree “I didn’t have sex with that woman” was astonishingly stupid.

    Not so with Obama – To criticize even obvious mistakes, such as “the private sector is doing fine” or “you didn’t build that” is to bring on the firestorm. These were clear, and idiotic, errors on Obama’s part. Yet while few Americans would agree with these pronouncements, all are aware that to mention them in anything other than the aforementioned country western bar is to invite a cacophony from the crowd that can’t seem to acknowledge any fault in Obama, even when they are obvious mistakes such as these.

    So my guess is that what the public is really doing is waiting it out until election day. They would rather voice their opinion in the privacy of the voting booth than face yet another iPhone googler hammering them with statistics from the SEIU.

    “He is so likeable” is political bug spray – you have limited belief in it, it doesn’t really work all the time, you don’t really like it but you hope by applying it you will be left alone.

  • Bob Clark

    I’ve been wondering the last couple of days if Romney isn’t saying Obama’s negative ads are hurting his election chances because they are actually helping him. Maybe folks are tiring of Obama’s negative ad onslaught; and this only when we are just now leaving the first act of the presidential election season. It will be interesting to see if Romney out raised Obama in campaign dollars this past month.
    Hope springs eternal for a Nobama 2013.

    • true_patriot

      Please don’t lose hope on Obama. Have faith in him. Romney is no good and will only disappoint you. Obama has done a lot of good for our country

  • valley person

    A Frank Luntz focus group as published in National Review? Whatever.

  • DavidAppell

    Gallup, yesterday: “Americans are much more likely to believe Barack Obama (58%) rather than Mitt Romney (36%) will win the election. Romney supporters are less optimistic that Romney will win (65%) than Obama supporters are that Obama will win (86%).”

    • David’s Apple

      That’s because Obama supporters are, by definition, delusional

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