Oregon #2 in Food Stamps: Used at Starbucks!

Food Stamps buys Starbucks, steaks, pizza & birthday cakes! – – Oregon #2 in dependency
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

A Starbucks in a Salem Safeway gleefully advertised on their doors that they “accept food stamps” where they can be used to buy Frappuccino cold drinks and pastries. This is in addition to using food stamps to buy candy, soda pop, cookies, ice cream & birthday cakes. A Washington D.C. reporter tried to use his food stamps to buy the most expensive items in the store. He came away buying swordfish steak ($18/pound), $8 gallon of goat milk, $14 Chanterelle mushrooms & fancy European cheese.

Because students don’t work while studying, they easily qualify for food stamps and are famous for using them to subsidize their alcohol parties as they buy appetizers, snacks and mixed liquor drink accessories (tonic water, limes & lemons). Watching someone buy groceries with food stamps while paying cash for their lottery tickets & cigarettes is a proud Oregon liberal tradition (just don’t dare use a plastic bag, because that’s apparently wasteful).

Medical marijuana deduction
For a while, Oregon was one of three states identified that allowed applicants to deduct medical marijuana expenses from their income so they could better qualify for food stamps. It wasn’t until it was made public that the state reversed its policy.

Oregon gets $5M bonus for being America’s Food Stamp Queen!

The Human Services Dept. has been openly and diligently trying to identify new food stamp customers to enroll who are not even asking for it. Their efforts played a role in helping increase food stamp rolls by 60% and have been rewarded by the federal government. Oregon put out a proud press release announcing that they were awarded five million dollars for their food stamp recruitment efforts. Their efforts help rank Oregon as the 2ndhighest state in the proportion of its population under food stamps. That amounts to 785,000 people, roughly one of every five people in Oregon. When food stamps started in the 1970’s only 1 in 50 people were on food stamps, now it is 1 in 7 nationally. It costs Americans $78 billion.

Food stamps as economic boost?

A federal government press release touted that for every $5 spent in food stamps it creates nearly $10 in “economic activity for the community.” The logic is that you can double an economy with government payouts. Since the federal Food Stamp budget nearly tripled in size in the past three years do you honestly feel the tripling of economic activity coming from it in 2012? The USDA also created short soap opera radio ads where the characters happily sign up for food stamps. The ads were cancelled after public outcry.

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  • Bob Clark

    Nationally, I hear this morning some 40 million Americans are now on food stamps, a record and making Obama truly the “free-loader president.” Obama is re-making the Greek experience right here in America. And much of Oregon politics is intoxicated with the Federal gravy train, which ultimately gets rein.
    I, also, hear Oregon government’s federal-bennies-pushing got out of hand on the healthcare side; and now, Oregon government must pay back a few million bucks in inappropriate health care freebies.

  • Chuck_Borealis

    I have never been able to afford to go to Starbucks. I suppose i will need to go on welfare to afford it now.

  • valley person

    Brought to you by grumpy old white guys who like to make stuff up so we can grouch at empty chairs.

    • shank black

      Empty chairs, or empty heads, it’s all the same.

  • RaggetyRat

    OK, so I’m one the unemployed and what really peeves me is that I have a niece who lost her job and is living at home with her parents and receives UI and benefits. She is in her late 30’s and has bought har mom a purebred puppy and has bought them a vehicle, etc. She has no bills to pay and I have a house with bills and no assistance from family or friends. And yes we receive food stamps. What’s wrong with this picture. I can’t even receive UI.

  • 3H

    Can you imagine — poor people buying birthday cakes and ice cream for their children? This will just encourage the poor to continue being poor. Teach them a lesson. Let them know that public assistance is no cake walk.

  • 3H

    So, what is TOA’s solution to this?

  • shank black

    I’m embarrassed to say I live in Oregon… it’s a result of all the liberals, who after destroying California with debt, moved to Oregon to ultimately accomplish the same task here. Obama is the “free-loader” president and the “free-loaders” are on the scent.

  • muchodla

    They’re not “stamps” anymore. It is a debit card.

  • LibsDeserveDeath

    Actually food stamp recipients are UP over 50% from 31 Million in November 2008 to 46 million as of August 2012 – as reported by Bloomberg.com. What is especially galling is seeing college students – often having pre-paid meal programs at the college they attend – “qualify” for food stamps.

    • 3H

      Do you know for a fact that students who live in the dorms qualify for food stamps? Because that is they only way they get a pre-paid meal program (unless things have changed drastically). If they live off campus, they do not have a pre-paid meal program.

      • valley person

        When my son was in a dorm a few years ago at U Montana, there were various campus meal plan options. You could do 3 squares a day, or 1 or something else.

        But what I really wonder about here is what is the fuss over college students getting support from their government via food stamps? Most are already going deeply into debt to get their education. Do we think we are better off if they go even more deeply into debt?

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