‘We’ve heard it all before’ from Obama

A new Republican National Committee ad highlights the “Same speeches. Same promises.” from then-candidate Obama in 2008 and now-President Obama in 2012, and asks “Are you better off?”

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Good ad, love the black and white treatment to enhance the oldness of the presidents promises. Two quick points:

    1 – Obama did promise that this would be quick and easy. He said that if we passed his stimulus package, which we did, we would be around 5% unemployment right now. If we didn’t we would be around 6% unemployment. It’s been four years and we arent even close to where he said we would be.

    2 – “Rebuild our roads and bridges” is such an old re-run it is rapidly making “I Love Lucy” appear current by comparison.

  • 3H

    Now, if you want someone who we’ve heard it all before, then look no further than Romney. Who has held multiple positions on just about every topic. We have truly heard it ALL from Romney.

    • Nobama 2012

      Urban Dictionary lists ‘fines “3H” in vicarious and sundry ways – yet “3 HP” relating to a one cylinder, two stroke leaf blower/weed wacker
      remains pending on the Dean’s lisp.