Obama campaign struggles continue

by NW Spotlight

Not only has Mitt Romney been outperforming President Obama in fundraising, but recently attendance at Mitt Romney rallies are overflowing while it’s crickets at the Obama rallies. It’s gotten to where even Obama apologist Jackie Calmes at the NY Times is asking “Where are the [Obama] crowds now? And what does it mean for the results in November?”

Enthusiasm Gap

Peter Roff at U.S.News & World Report thinks that Obama’s “Enthusiasm Gap” could mean a blowout victory for Mitt Romney over President Obama. Here are some excerpts from Roff’s opinion piece yesterday:

“Obama is mired in a record of poor performance, exemplified by the 42 straights months of the official unemployment rate being north of 8 percent.”

“At the end of the day it may all come down to the level of enthusiasm each candidate can generate among the electorate. On that score, say a number of measures, Romney is likely ahead.”

“To astute observers of American politics, it is starting to look more like 1980—when Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter by impressive margins in both the popular vote and the electoral college—than 2004.”

“When the enthusiasm gap is factored in, Romney could actually be headed for a blow out, no matter how improbable that may seem at this time.”