Sen. Ted Ferrioli on the resignation of Sen. Frank Morse

Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli

Salem, OR – Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) issued the following statement after Senator Frank Morse (R-Albany) announced he will resign from the State Senate on Monday.

“Senator Frank Morse deserves the thanks of every Oregonian for his selfless dedication and service to our State. Never one to shy away from the hard question, Senator Morse has steadily tackled the most daunting of issues facing Oregon with a constant optimism, thoughtfulness and care. He has pioneered work on revenue restructuring, poured countless hours and experience into the revitalization of Oregon health care and been a fearless champion for civil rights for all Oregonians.

His years of business experience have helped his fellow legislators avoid many treacherous shoals. He has done all this with honesty, sincerity and impeccable integrity and leaves the Senate with a towering legislative legacy.

“Perhaps most telling, however, is the esteem he has earned from his colleagues in the State Senate. When the calm, measured voice of Senator Morse is heard on the Senate floor, the room typically quiets and people stop their whispered side conversations to listen, because there is universal respect for Senator Morse’s steadying wisdom. He is an exemplar of statesmanship, cut from the old cloth of iconic leaders who have shaped this state, pursuing the greater good, without regard for party. The Senate will miss him, but the state is better for his service. I hope his example will inspire likeminded Oregonians to put self aside and serve their fellow citizens in the public sphere.”