Ben Unger: another lapdog trying to buy his way to Salem

by NW Spotlight

Political operative Ben Unger bought his way through the Democratic primary this year, and now he’s trying to buy his way into the state legislature with big campaign contributions from public employee unions, the Democratic caucus PAC and other Democratic candidate PACs, trial lawyers, unions and other PACs.

Secretary of State filings show that Unger’s campaign has brought in $220,000 so far, to Rep. Katie Eyre’s $137,000.

Oregon does not need another political operative in the legislature, one who will be a bought and paid for lapdog for the public employee unions and trial lawyers.

Rep. Katie Eyre is the only CPA in the Oregon House, and Oregon needs the fiscal responsibility and professional experience she brings to the legislature.

  • ardbeg

    I admit I don’t know much about these candidates but your argument seems to be don’t vote for the guy who more people are willing to support financially? So don’t vote for Romney either? How about voting for the candidate who’s positions you agree with regardless of who else supports them? I mean wow! A democrat supported by unions, that’s like a republican supported by big oil or big tobacco. Not much of a surprise on either side. Lets remember 47% are Obama supporters who just want the Government to ‘take care of them’ (Romney) and conservatives only “Cling to their bibles and guns” (Obama). Isn’t the 2 party system great: Dumb and Dumber.

  • Unger go Home!

    The fewer members of the professional political class (D or R) we have in the legislature the better! We have enough whores in Salem already.

  • nick

    In my research, I have found that Ben Unger has raised over $187,000 in the 2012 election cycle, which includes a primary beginning in late 2011. Katie Eyre has raised roughly $137,000 in that same time period, in which she did not have a primary race. Also, Katie Eyre’s contributions have come from 453 different donations, for an average of $302 per donation. Ben Unger on the other hand has raised his money from a total of 816 different donations for an average of $229 per donation. That tells me that more people support Ben, and those people tend to be middle class families who have less money to spare on campaign contributions.

    Stop attacking people for being popular with non wealthy, middle class citizens