Portland to name official City doughnut

In one of the last acts of City Hall, Portland City Council will be naming an official City doughnut designed by Voodoo Doughnuts. Mayor Potter called “locally owned doughnut shops are a cornerstone of our community.” [and then proceeed to tax and regulate the heck out of them].

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  • Big K

    Portland…big on showmanship…little on performance

  • Reper

    The cream filling is on the outside as well.

  • Bob Clark

    There are no doughnut speciality shops within a mile or so of my Richmond neighborhood in southeast central Portland. There used to be a Dunkin Doughnuts on 39th and Powell I’d walk to sometimes. I liked their doughnuts better than Krispy Kreme. But this Dunkin Doughnut franchise closed. Safeways on Hawthorne is also within walking distance, and they have decent doughnuts at certain times of the day. I’m not sure about New Seasons. I don’t shop there as it caters to people who like paying $10 for a loaf of bread, or $10 a pound for some vegetarian dish.

    Doughnuts are dying in my Portland neighborhood I think. Maybe cityhall should help build a doughnut shop instead of a convention hotel. It would be a whole lot cheaper on taxpayers as a doughnut shop is generally a small building. There’s a chance the doughnuts could actually be half way decent – although they might subcumb to the food police fads that frequently sweep through the jiberish flowing from city hall.

    Merry Christmas and happy Hanaka.

    P.S sure would be nice to have a Walmart within walking distance so I could stretch my budget, and have more for gifting.

    • dean

      Bob, I shop at the Happy Valley New Seasons, and have yet to see a loaf of bread anywhere near $10 a pound. And you can buy doughnuts there by the way.

  • Anonymous

    Our mayor and former police officer wants to honor a doughnut shop.

    How fitting!

  • Anonymous


    It would be more fitting to have an Official City Donut Hole.

    Signifying the perpetual holes in their budget, holes in their heads, holes in their roads and holes in self image.

  • Fegegoarcosse

    Äèâàííûå ñòðàòåãè – ýòî ñòðàøíàÿ ñèëà!!!

  • QHArnold

    Оно-то конечно да, особо ежели… но доведись оно до каждого – тогда пожалуста 😉

  • Lacyanona

    Íå çà÷åò!

  • Bob Clark


    That was $10 for a loaf of bread, not a loaf for $10 a pound. By the way, I have visited New Seasons a few times only, and each time, have regretted it because the food isn’t all that much better than safeways yet you pay 25% more or so for most items by comparison.

    • dean

      Yes…my bad. Still, I don’t pay $10 a loaf there. It is a bit more expensive than Safeway, but much better quality and service. As an example I stopped by a Safeway yesterday and waited in line 10 minutes. That would never happen at a New Seasons. plus the onions they had out were old and near moldy.

      But I get your point.

      • cc

        As with all of his baseless arguments, leave it to deaner to jump on the opportunity to mischaracterize Safeway by one trip on one day when the holiday season and the weather create a perfect storm of increased business. That becomes “much better service” at New Seasons. Then he finds one “…near moldy” (like his hay) onion and blows that up into “much better quality” at New Seasons.

        Which Safeway, dean? Did you DRIVE??? How far away is your nearest New Seasons, dean? Did you stop by there the same day for a fair comparison or would that just be irrelevant once your mind’s made up?

        Take these dishonest judgements, add in the blatantly inaccurate “It is a BIT more expensive…” and the purely subjective “That would never happen at New Seasons…” and you’ve got a totally worthless, factually barren, contrary comment.

        So typical. So inane. So dean.

        Still, he “…get(s) your point,” Bob. Aren’t you glad?

        • dean

          You have an unhealthy obsession with the details of my life. But if you need to know, our hay is 100% organic and not “moldy.” We know enough to cut and bale when the sun is shining and to get it under cover.

          As for the rest…why is it you feel the need to attack my experience, which is that I have never seen a $10 loaf of bread at New Seasons, and you let Bob skate on that point, even though he admits he does not even shop there?

          I’ve been shopping at New Seasons for several years, in all sorts of weather, and have never seen a checkout line more than 3 persons deep. The reason is they appear to have a management system that opens new lines very quickly as needed. They probably have more staff, and they also get rid of their old produce quickly, which may be why it costs a bit more to shop there.

          • cc

            “As for the rest…why is it you feel the need to attack my experience, which is that I have never seen a $10 loaf of bread at New Seasons, and you let Bob skate”

            “…feel the need…”???


            Let’s see, did I mention your “experience”?


            I did mention the unsupported conclusions you drew and questioned your methods.

            Did I say anything about the ephemeral $10 loaf of bread?


            I did notice that Bob said he had “…visited New Seasons a few times only.” – hardly the same as saying “…he does not even shop there…? I will take “…a few times only…” over your “one time” sample any day – especially when you put self-serving words in his mouth.

            The $10 loaf of bread is obviously (to everyone but you – when you’re in “obtuse mode”) a metaphor for the high prices at NS. You know, deaner, kind of like when you say it “…costs a BIT more to shop there” See, it works both ways. Your obsession for literalness applies only to others, is that it? Of course it is! Bread and butter for the deaner.


            “…all sorts of weather…” You (and NS) haven’t been around here when THIS kind of weather coincided with the Christmas season.

            “…never seen a checkout line more than 3 persons deep…” The unemployed tend to shop at off-peak hours – of course that wouldn’t skew your “facts”, would it deaner?

            “…they appear…”

            “They probably…”

            Please don’t confuse your suppositions with facts – it’s like comparing chalk and cheese.


            And speaking of cheese, there’s no reason that hay can’t mold if STORED improperly.

            hi ku?

            You probably mean haiku…

            singing salad

            fungal dissonance shouts

            musician hears symphony

          • dean

            Unemployed? What you don’t know about me is a lot.

        • dean who?

          “So typical. So inane. So dean.”

          Ouch! That is so wickedly bad it is good!

          Could you do a anti-dean hi ku next time?

  • AllenWZ

    Огромное человеческое спасибочки !

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I would point out that naming donuts is actually a really good activity for the drones to be engaged in.

    You have to realize, the sort of people who waste time on this sort of thing are the exact same sort of people who feel a need to be involved in every aspect of everyone’s lives. This is why they would be attracted to something like naming a donut and why they would feel no shame in wasting time doing so.

    You want these people to waste time on issues like this. Like having a pet hamster you are presented with a dilemma, either keep them occupied on a wheel, or tolerate them getting bored with their cage and coming into your life more than you would want. I will wager the way Portland got quarter billion dollar a mile choo choos was because the hamsters did not have a lot of wheels to run on during that period.

    So let’s keep the hamsters concerned with efforts that will occupy them, but do not cause the harm their more concerted endevours tend to wreck upon us all. Smile patiently, support the donut naming, and suggest other things, perhaps a commission to study what should be the official city cheese? Official portrait paintings of all legislative officials. $3,000 a pop for the portrait, would be handily recouped with the money saved by the required sitting time of the legislator.

    Yes, the squeek of the hamster wheel might be mildly annoying, however it is nothing compared to finding the hamsters have had fun in your linen drawer.

  • Scottiebill

    Naming a “City Donut”. Surely the City Council has more important things to do than this. Or maybe they have way, way too much time on their hands.

    This, Portland, is your tax dollars at work. Just one more reason people and businesses either want to leave or are leaving town. Tnd the Council is wondering why?

    In Montana, we had a saying that there are three kinds of men. Those that learn by reading. Those that learn by observation. And those who have to pee on the electric fence to find out what is going on.

    The Portland City Council keeps on proving that they are continuously attracted to the electric fence for their lessons.

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