Lars Larson on the new Energy Secretary

Well, America’s got a brand new Energy Secretary thanks to our new President-Elect, but what’s he going to mean for main street?

The new Energy Secretary, Dr. Steven Chu, was named by President-Elect Barack Obama this week. I have just one main concern about him. He’s not crazy about the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository, which means I’m not sure we’re going to see a solution to that little problem.

He does apparently like nuclear energy but the other thing he likes is that theory about global warming and there’s a problem. Global warming true believers just cannot be controlled.

The fact is global warming is not primarily anthropogenic, meaning man caused. It’s primarily just a natural phenomenon. Trying to solve it now as the planet is actually getting cooler, not warmer, means we are going to clap down on peoples use of energy and make it much more expensive.

The fact that Dr. Chu believes in that kind of nonsense, the same as Barack Obama, means big trouble for an economy that’s also in trouble. Raising energy prices is not going to solve the problem.

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