FreedomWorks Report: How environmentalist push anti-energy agenda

Portland, OR – FreedomWorks Oregon’s Campaign for Affordable and Reliable Energy (CARE) has joined with the FreedomWorks Foundation to publish and distribute a report to help policymakers understand how extremists hijack the public policy process to further their anti-energy agenda. Radical Environmental Obstructionism will be distributed across Oregon to legislators, mayors, public officials, and key public policymakers.

High energy prices hurt Oregon families and cost the community jobs. Looking to the future, Oregon needs to have a diverse portfolio of energy choices, such as geothermal, wave, hydro, natural gas, and wind power to support long term economic growth and ease family budgets. Too often sensible energy projects are blocked by a handful of individuals in Oregon, and Radical Environmental Obstructionism explains how they abuse the system to advance their agenda.

Radical Environmental Obstructionism details how the traditional environmental movement was hijacked and the impact of fringe radicalism on wind, wave, natural gas, and geothermal development. The paper also details energy options in Oregon, beneficial projects that have been blocked and abuse of the legal system. It also describes the “smoke and mirrors” tactics used by extremists to appear to be a broad-based movement when in reality it is only a handful of people.

FreedomWorks Oregon Director Russ Walker commented:

“Radical Environmental Obstructionism shows that Oregon has unique geographic opportunities to meet its current and future energy needs while also protecting the environment. The biggest obstacle to developing and delivering safe, clean, and reliable energy is radical fringe activists, and Radical Environmental Obstructionism exposes these individuals as a radical minority that does not represent the best interests of Oregon’s families.”

Radical Environmental Obstructionism is available at the campaign website

The CARE campaign is part of a larger, multi-million dollar, national effort that FreedomWorks has engaged in to make concerned citizens aware of the need to unlock domestic and emerging sources of energy for American consumers. FreedomWorks is a grassroots organization with over a half a million members nationwide and over 30,000 activists in Oregon dedicated to lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.