Lars Larson on Light Smoke Lawsuits

Let’s talk about light cigarettes and lawsuits.

I thought I’d seen everything. Now there is actually a lawsuit and a Supreme Court decision that says cigarette makers can be sued by smokers who said they were not warned about the dangers of their smoking habit.

The problem is they are now going to sue saying they thought light cigarettes were okay, or that they were less dangerous. The fact is smoking anything is a potential health problem.

I smoke cigars now and then. I’m well aware that it could have an effect on my health. But now, the folks who smoke cigarettes, those people, individual Americans who voluntarily put one of those cancer sticks in their mouth and light it up, are trying to turn around and sue the people who made the cigarettes and charge they were told that it was safe.

That is absolutely ludicrous. People should not win a lawsuit lottery just because they were dumb enough to put a cigarette in their mouth.

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