Media the real loser in first debate

by NW Spotlight

Mitt Romney’s devastating exposure of President Obama’s glass jaw in the first presidential debate also exposed something else. It exposed how the media has been utterly failing to do their job when it comes to President Obama. Four years of fawning over President Obama, consistently failing to ask the President any tough questions and covering up for the President’s failings, have left President Obama completely unprepared for any kind of serious questioning of his dismal record.

Last night’s debate wasn’t just a debacle for President Obama; it was a debacle for the media. Mitt Romney showed America, uncensored, that not only is Romney NOT the cartoon that the media makes him out to be, but Romney exposed how the media has been carrying Obama’s water for four years. In an hour and a half, Romney pulled back the curtain and exposed why America’s trust in the media is at an all time low, and why critics are so concerned about the state of the media in America.