Media the real loser in first debate

by NW Spotlight

Mitt Romney’s devastating exposure of President Obama’s glass jaw in the first presidential debate also exposed something else. It exposed how the media has been utterly failing to do their job when it comes to President Obama. Four years of fawning over President Obama, consistently failing to ask the President any tough questions and covering up for the President’s failings, have left President Obama completely unprepared for any kind of serious questioning of his dismal record.

Last night’s debate wasn’t just a debacle for President Obama; it was a debacle for the media. Mitt Romney showed America, uncensored, that not only is Romney NOT the cartoon that the media makes him out to be, but Romney exposed how the media has been carrying Obama’s water for four years. In an hour and a half, Romney pulled back the curtain and exposed why America’s trust in the media is at an all time low, and why critics are so concerned about the state of the media in America.

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  • cuttercowgirl

    Obama looked annoyed that Romney wouldn’t accept his “facts”……….

    • guest

      then there’s the bad Ohman carnaltoon in the dilly fish wrapper
      and the look on d’Ohbama’ face.

      • guest

        image shunted but easy to find in the Dem domain of OregonLive.con

      • guest

        Yo editor: Like to know why my subsequent post was removed?

        • Lulz

          Question is: why aren’t more of them removed?

          • guest

            Lulz, you’re out of odor, probably a good thing!

  • Rupert in Springfield

    When it was clear Romney was being devastatingly aggressive right out of the gate I think it stunned most people, it certainly did me. When Obama was clearly caught off guard I expected him to recover but he simply didn’t.

    This was surprising. Romney is clearly known for this based on his primary performance. He took out both Santorum and Newt this same way. Obama should have been prepared for the possibility of a very aggressive Romney but he simply wasn’t.

    What this resulted in was the media having to sit through over an hour of their guy clearly being unprepared. By the end, every commentator I saw in the recaps looked like they had just sat through hell. The expression on their face moments before giving their impressions to the news anchor was priceless. Just look at Chris Matthews in this one:

    The thing that’s really amazing is how virtually every commentator chimed the same bell – where was Obama going after Romney for the 47% thing?

    Ill tell you, the only one more surprised than the commentators was Romney. And that’s why Obama didn’t bring it up. Romney had an answer for it and Obama knew it, that’s why BO avoided going after Romney on this.

    Romney is a guy who has been running for president forever. They have been digging on him forever trying to find something in his past to take him out with for a long time. The best they can do is some forced haircut in the 60’s and a dog on the top of the car. Obama knows he has a whole lot more than that in his past so he wants to stay on issues. Sadly for Obama the issues don’t favor him.

    Romney improved his odds substantially last night. The media hates it because for most of their careers the Republican oponant has been a terrible debater. (Bush 1’s looking at the watch, Bob Dole’s meandering trailing off every comment like a fade out in a Zepplin song , Bush2 couldn’t use words, John McCain’s insistence on not saying anything bad about his opponent). Romney is simply the first decent Republican debater most currently in the media have seen. That angered them last night. Frankly it was enjoyable.

    • Judahlevi

      Great comment! The media has been trying to paint a caricature of Romney that is false in order to assist Obama. The debate clearly revealed how phony that caricature is.

      The media has been over-the-top in their partisanship this year. They always favor Democrats, but they go all out for a so-called minority Democrat. The problem with the media is that they think diversity comes from skin color or gender. It doesn’t. True diversity comes from the mind. A good example is Steve Jobs. Did he add diversity to Apple? You bet he did.

      The real diversity on the debate stage was Romney. He brought new ideas to the debate, while Obama brought old and tired leftist themes and politics. As long as Romney has fresh ideas and Obama plays the central planning/class warfare tripe, every debate should end up with the same result.

  • Troll-B-Gone

    Notice the total absence of the usual lefty trolls.

    • Judahlevi

      Since this is a site for “conservatives” to gather and gossip, I really don’t think lefties have a place here.

      Your insinuation that because Obama did not do well they are not here is probably incorrect. My understanding of lefties is that they will argue any point no matter how badly they are losing.

      One other prediction; if Obama loses the election – they will blame it on Bush.

      • 3H

        Actually, if he loses I will blame it on his inability to energize his own base, and decisions that he’s made that has alienated some of us.

      • DavidAppell

        “Judah Levi” clearly prefers no challenge to his opinions.

  • Marco

    I am a liberal, but let me raise a few issues. Romney won the debate on style, but this is not the fashion police. It is in the end about getting votes to decide the future government of the country, not who gets more pioints for looking better. New ideas? I did not hear one from the republican candidate. Unless you count as new the fact that he was running from some of his own old more conservative positions to appear centrist. But opportunism is also a rather old vice for Romney himself (I seem to remember he changed positions before). Romney may not be a caricature but he is a great pretender, personally and politically. He is a businessman who never really run a company. (He was a financier, not an entrepreneur. And I am not sure how good at that either, his name probably opening doors and his own income not being the best measure of success). I could quite safely promise myself to create as many jobs as Romney did, 12 million in 4 years: it is after all an average estimate of several economists. It gives new meaning to the idea of government getting out of the way: it can happen, allow me the joke, even if a president, let’s say, took up a residence where some of his money has been (Cayman Islands, Luxemburg?) As for the commitment to lower all tax rates, get the same revenue from the rich by fiddling with deductions and credits and still reduce the deficit, how to say it nicely, it is rather implausible. Seriously. Shouting can get you attention (so much for the liberal media and journalistic integrity, all most of them are talking about is style, often even adding the disclaimer that they are not examining the content or truthfulness, of the candidates positions). Thanks, Marco

    • voterid

      Do you really believe all your propaganda or are you just as full of hot air as Obama is?

    • Judahlevi

      Marco, your long post is nothing but boring Democratic party talking points – we have heard it all before – many times. In Oregon, the only free thinkers are conservatives. You aren’t one of them.

    • Ballistic45

      Romney’s plan is NOT NEW.. He never said it is NEW.. It is a very old plan, it is a RETURN to what made this Country Great. It is a return to Small Government, Capitalism, private sector Jobs instead of Government growth, getting away from over regulation of business and handouts to garner votes.. He said it best in his closing remarks about the founding documents behind the stage.. But you being a Liberal Lemming having drank way to much Obama Bath Water probably didn’t even know what the Hell he was talking about… The reason Obama lost is because he had no record to run on.. He had no teleprompter so people in the wings could scramble to get the best coverup answer to him.. His expansion of EPA regs and other Government cost of doing business have been passed on down to consumers, just as will be with any tax increases to the rich and businesses.. He may not tax the middle class and poor but he is guaranteeing that they will foot the bill in the end.. Exactly what Romney pointed out during the debate.. He is killing the middle class and poor in cost of living and lost jobs.. Cost of living means little to the rich, it is always the middle class and poor who suffer the most.. So what’s the difference, Tax or Cost of Living, it matters not to those who are forced to pay it what you call it… All liberals have a utopian idea of what the 21 century brings, so far their progressive ideas have ruined this country.. It is the Progressives who started about a decade ago with forcing banks to make unwise and unsound loans to those who normally would not qualify for home loans… It was Lawyer Obama working with ACORN who taught them how to threaten banks with law suits if they didn’t make those unwise loans.. It was Sen. Obama and Sen. Chris Dodd who received the most PAC monies for running interference for Fannie Mai and Freddie Mac.. It was lovable (yic) Barney Frank who told everyone no increased oversight was needed of Fannie Mai and Freddie Mac, they are sound and your investments are safe.. It was Pres. Bush and Sen. John McCain who warned Congress of the coming collapse of the Housing Market and the devastation to world economies if they were not reined in.. It is a part of Congressional records for pete sake. That’s why Obama lost the debate, what in the world does he have in rebuttal to his History before, during or after the economic collapse? NOTHING !!!

  • voterid

    The reason Obama wasn’t ready was because he believes he has all the answers and because of people like the biased left media and their lying bunch of biased media jerks…The media has protected Obama from any criticism, never asking Obama the hard questions…Obama is exactly what the biased media deserves…a failure in chief.

  • Marco

    I am a liberal, not necessarily a democrat. But if someone can explain to me how you cut tax rates by 20% (which objectively benefits the rich more the the poor) and still reduce the deficit, I will listen. And if that is with cuts in deductions, tell be which ones are so big to do the trick. Obviously I disagree on the role of regulation: there is good and bad regulation. Which Epa regulation would you eliminate that damages job creation and does not help our lives? What parts of the financial reform should be cancelled after Wall Street proved they cannot regulate themselves. And how small is a small government: who pays for schools and other essential services and upgrading the infrastructure, which is the key to competitiveness for the future. China today spends way more than the Us in term of Gdp on infrastructure, that may be a problem. The health care reform is really very similar to what Romney had done when he was governor: what exactly is so bad about it. Do not tell me some government bureaucrats will make decision on you health, unless you tell me where this is written in the law. Asking people the can to be insured, and creating mechanisms to help who cannot (such as the healthcare exchanges), seems to me it is the price to pay to have a functioning society: people who get sick and need emergency care, which is much more expensive, drive up cost for everybody. Common sense to me, not hot air. Extending healthcare to the young on their parents insurance is so controversial that the insurance industry has decided to keep it even if the law gets repealed. If you have time to tell me where I am wrong, I will listen (no insults, please). Thanks again

    • Judahlevi

      No, Marco, anyone posting here for you would be wasting their time. You view the world in black and white like most liberals (the name does not match the ideology). There are plenty of conservative sites and books where you can learn how wrong you are if you were truly interested in learning not debating.

      • valley person

        You would be wasting your time because you have no answers to the questions he poses, and neither does Romney.

    • It’s very simple, so simple that even the press doesn’t get it. It’s called GROWING the tax base. You do that by getting people off their asses and into jobs so they cab pay taxes. It’s worked every single time it’s tried. Come out of your box and look at the light.

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