Congress and Oregon will hit you with the same big tax next week!

National Taxpayer Union is alerting on the first tax of Congress: “The House and Senate will soon vote on the first tax hike of 2009. Will you help us stop this government grab in its tracks? Obama, Reid, Pelosi & Co. want to increase the federal tobacco tax to bankroll a massive expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).Even if you don’t smoke, you should be concerned that your own taxes will have to be raised later on to pay for the huge spending obligations in this bill. “

Oregon is doing the same with a bill that creates the creates the Oregon Health Authority, a new bureaucracy that enfolds the healthcare related responsibilities, and staff, of the Dept of Human Services as well as creates a vast new bureaucracy to over see healthcare, insurance, etc. It is the not-so-subtle creation of single-payer, State run healthcare. It makes Massachusetts’s system seem like the bastion of freedom. It includes a big tobacco tax and tax on health insurance and managed care.

and it does one other big scare…It grants the Oregon Health Authority the authority to administer oaths, take depositions and issue subpoenas without going through the judiciary.