Atlas Shrugged Part II hits theaters

by Eric Shierman

Who is John Galt? Come find out tomorrow as Atlas Shrugged Part II hits theaters.

It truly will be in a theater near you this time around. For Part I, like many other independent productions, Atlas Shrugged had a hard time breaking into the protected market of theater distribution. It almost did not even get a Portland showing last year, but the Cascade Policy Institute made a successful effort to at least get a limited run in downtown Portland. The local reach of Cascade’s word of mouth resulted in sold-out, crowded theaters more common to a blockbuster than a philosophically orientated film of this nature. Having gotten the opportunity to prove its market potential in our state, Part II will be showing in several Oregon cities. Check your local listing here.

Based on the 1957 novel by Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged Part II is a standalone story that does not require previously viewing Part I. This novel was so long, a third independent story will be pulled out of it for a future Part III as well. Tomorrow you can see the core scene from Atlas Shrugged: Henry Rearden’s trial. Several of Rand’s novels use the motif of trial testimony for her doppelganger main character to articulate her philosophy in no uncertain terms.

The staff of the Cascade Policy Institute and their friends are planning to watch the movie together at the 7:30pm showing at the Regal Bridgeport Village Stadium in Tigard. You will find many Oregon Catalyst contributors there, me included.

Eric Shierman lives in southwest Portland and is the author of A Brief History of Political Cultural Change. He also writes for the Oregonian’s My Oregon blog.