Gov. Kulongoski: $2 billion in taxes, drops public safety from budget priority

From Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Governor Ted Kulongoski is looking at over $2 billion in taxes and fee increases. Governor Kulongoski’s plan includes a two cent gas tax, $112 million cigarette tax, $84 million in corporate minimum tax increase, Vehicle registration fees up 200%, Vehicle Title fees up 100%, License plate fees up 100%, Fishing/Hunting license up 24%, Park fees 20%, Death Certificate fees up 185%, Nursing certificate fees up 26% and a tax on health insurance and hospitals. This includes spending it to grow the state employee payroll by 1,451 jobs. Including $10 million for his mileage tax plan which would put GPS devices into people’s cars and give electric car tax breaks.

Kulongoski said in his speech…
“[F]inding the political courage to raise revenue…My question to you is: If not now, when?”.

Taxpayers say”¦
“Well, since the last approved budget included $800 million in new taxes and fee increases, we ask When HAVE YOU NOT RAISED taxes in a budget. Most of Kulongoski’s budgets have always asked for hefty tax and fee increases.”

Kulongoski said in his speech.. “We will build a budget for the next biennium has shifted. But the pillars of that budget — children, education, health care, renewable energy, green technology, and transportation — cannot be shaken.”

Taxpayers say”¦
“We see that the mighty “pillar” of public safety has magically disappeared in your above list of budget foundations. Instead we have green technology replacing it. Is not protecting citizens from violence the first priority of government? Is not fighting gang violence, rape, murder and meth just as important as your new plan to give new tax credits to electric cars and tax breaks for green building construction?”

NOTE: If you are alarmed by Kulongoski’s $2 billion in new taxes and his neglect of fighting crime over eco-tax credits, then please email this article to a friend and help spread the word.