• Kathryn

    My most memorable moment was this section of Dr. Frank Rosenbloom’s speech:

    “The theme for our rally is 50 million lost. The numbers are staggering. We rightly mourn all of our brave soldiers who have died in war and we honor them for their sacrifice. In fact, the sum total of all US service related deaths in all wars from the Revolutionary War until today is about 750,000. This total is just over HALF the 1.2 million babies killed each and every year in this country due to abortion.

    “Think about this for just a minute. Our country would have had to fight WWII for some 660 years for as many Americans to die as have been killed by abortion. More Americans are aborted in one day than have been killed in Iraq in 5 years. In order for the war in Iraq to kill as many Americans as are killed by abortion in one year it would have to continue for 2,500 years. Most amazingly, for the same number of US citizens to die in Iraq as have been extinguished by abortion since the Roe vs. Wade decision, the war would have to be fought unabated for 75,000 years.”

    The rest of his talk can be found at: https://www.50millionlost.com/speech_frank.php.

  • Mariek

    I attended the rally and was amazed at the turnout. I was also blown away at how peaceful and kind the crowd was. The most striking moment was at the very beginning of the rally. A recording of a very, very loud bell tolled 50 times. One toll for each 1,000,000 babies aborted. Between to the tolls, as the reverberations of the bell drifted away to silence, we could hear the shouts of the 50-so pro-choice counter-protesters. “Racists! Sexists! Anti-Gays! Religious zealots go away!” The contracts between the two groups was dramatic.

    • Kathryn

      I agree. The tolling bell in the middle of downtown Portland was powerful and moving, and I was also struck by the sense of peace among the 7,000 people within Pioneer Courthouse Square. It didn’t feel like being in a crowd. Everyone was friendly and smiling.