Romney momentum continues in presidential race

by NW Spotlight

The Hill is reporting that Mitt Romney continues to hold a 5-point lead over President Obama in Gallup’s latest national poll of likely voters, 51% to 46%. Meanwhile, Obama’s approval ratings have dropped sharply in the last several days – down 7 points in just 3 days, while Mitt Romney has picked up the endorsement of the Des Moines Register – Iowa’s largest newspaper. The endorsement of Mitt Romney is the first time for a Republican presidential candidate by the paper in 40 years. Iowa is one of the key swing states, and President Obama currently holds a slight edge in the polling there.


Locally, Jeff Mapes is reporting in the Oregonian on a recent poll that shows Mitt Romney pulling to within 5 points of President Obama in Oregon. This continues a trend in earlier polls that showed Obama’s 8-point June lead slipping to 7 points in mid-October.

In 2008, Obama lead John McCain by 15.6% in polling for Oregon. Obama defeated McCain by 16.3% in Oregon.

Other recent polls reported by The Hill

  • Reuters/Ipsos poll of likely voters: Obama 47% – Romney 45%
  • Washington Post/ABC News poll: Romney 49% – Obama 48%

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  • voterid

    It’s good to see some in Oregon recognize Obama for who he really is..Obama’s popularity would be a lot lower if the Benghazi cover up was covered for what it really is by NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS. These so called “news” media are practicing nothing less than journalist malpractice by covering up Obama’s decision to not help the four Americans in Benghazi…Obama caused the deaths of these people and the networks above have done nothing more than carry Obama’s water for him the past four years…I truly hope these networks will be excluded from the white-house press corp in the future, as it is clear they are too biased to report the truth to their listeners.

  • The problem is, Mitt is picking up momentum in places like Oregon where the votes mean nothing because they will not be enough to swing the state. I feel you. I am here in WA. But the reality is, picking up 10,000 votes in WA or OR don’t mean as much as 1,000 votes in OH.

    I think Romney is picking up momentum nationally because the debates were many people’s first major exposure to Mitt Romney. They haven’t been blasted by political commercials and stump speeches since March. You don’t really see the momentum in places like OH, VA, and CO that will decide the election. Mitt seems to have hit a high water mark there sometime around the 12th, and he has been slowly receding. For every poll that shows him down by 1 or tied in Ohio, there is one that shows him down by 4 or 5. That looks a lot like being down 2-3%.

    I just don’t see what Mitt is going to do to grab momentum in Ohio and VA. He has taken to going around telling lies that must be corrected by company CEOs, and trying to adopt Obama’s slogan from 2008. I am just not sure where Mitt goes from here. Make up a story about how he once worked as a laborer in an auto plant? I don’t doubt he would do it, but he just doesn’t seem to have much credibility with the people that have been exposed to his every gaffe, lie, and flip flop since March.

  • mike

    I only pray that Oregon will swing over to R/R. Please.

  • Ron Swaren

    Obama’s claim that he has helped Michigan and Ohio with his auto bailout simply pales in comparison to the fact that liberals have been undermining the US auto industry for decades. Go to downtown Portland and watch the upwars-$100,000 imported autos crusing around with the Obama 2012 stickers. How shameless can you get? I’m not talking about the standard Honda or Toyota put to gether in the SOuthern US. I mean the Range Rovers, Jags, Mercedes and high end BMW’s, taking tens of thousands each out of the US. And then there are the other fancy imports and the high tech goods from Asia. How much do libs buy anymore that is US made?

    Forget the political policies. The liberal culture ain’t your friend, US worker! I would hit this message home in the upper midwest where the living standard is half of the rest of the county.

    • valley person

      So the problem with the American auto industry has been rich liberals buying $100K imports? Damn. Who would have thought?

      • DavidAppell

        Yes. It’s OK to send jobs offshore, just not to buy anything they make.

  • It’s good to see some in Oregon recognize Obama for who he really is..

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