Romney momentum continues in presidential race

by NW Spotlight

The Hill is reporting that Mitt Romney continues to hold a 5-point lead over President Obama in Gallup’s latest national poll of likely voters, 51% to 46%. Meanwhile, Obama’s approval ratings have dropped sharply in the last several days – down 7 points in just 3 days, while Mitt Romney has picked up the endorsement of the Des Moines Register – Iowa’s largest newspaper. The endorsement of Mitt Romney is the first time for a Republican presidential candidate by the paper in 40 years. Iowa is one of the key swing states, and President Obama currently holds a slight edge in the polling there.


Locally, Jeff Mapes is reporting in the Oregonian on a recent poll that shows Mitt Romney pulling to within 5 points of President Obama in Oregon. This continues a trend in earlier polls that showed Obama’s 8-point June lead slipping to 7 points in mid-October.

In 2008, Obama lead John McCain by 15.6% in polling for Oregon. Obama defeated McCain by 16.3% in Oregon.

Other recent polls reported by The Hill

  • Reuters/Ipsos poll of likely voters: Obama 47% – Romney 45%
  • Washington Post/ABC News poll: Romney 49% – Obama 48%