Second presidential debate closer to a draw

by NW Spotlight

The first presidential debate was a crushing defeat of President Obama by Mitt Romney. Romney’s debate victory translated into a swing in the momentum of the campaign and gains in the polls. CNN reported yesterday, before last night’s debate, that “Romney made significant gains after the first debate, nationally and in key battlegrounds.”

Last night’s second presidential debate was closer to a draw – which will likely leave the campaign momentum in Romney’s favor.

Several commentators noted right after the debate that it was a draw. That if you are a Romney supporter, you think he won. If you’re an Obama supporter, you think he won. The commentators noted that they didn’t feel this debate would change many voters’ minds. Jeff Mapes at the Oregonian concluded “It’s hard to imagine either candidate losing many supporters after Tuesday night’s debate.  The question is what that small universe of undecided voters will think.  My bet: this is going to remain a close race.”

A CNN poll before the debate showed that voter expectations were lower for Obama in the second debate.

A CBS News Instant Poll after last night’s debate gave President Obama a slight advantage. In the poll, 37% said Obama won, 30% said that Romney won, and 33% called it a tie.

Mitt Romney was the clear winner of last night’s second debate with a Frank Luntz focus group. The focus group was made up mostly of people who voted for President Obama in 2008. After watching the second debate, most changed their support to Mitt Romney.

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  • bill sizemore

    Judging by performances alone, I would agree that the debate was a draw. However, when one looks deeper and sees how the polling went for one issue, who would best handle the economy going forward, Romney won hands down. If the economy is the issue that will decide the election, then the debate wasn’t a tie; it was another step forward for Romney.
    In the end, the election will be decided by voter turn-out. The candidate who most energizes his supporters to actually cast a ballot will win. I would give that edge to Romney because there are a lot of people in this country who are scared to death of another four years of Barack Obama.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Both Obama and Romney accomplished their goals, but neither of those goals really changes things.

    For Obama, the goal was to reinvigorate the base and convince people he wanted to win a second term. For Romney the goal was to appear presidential, so people could visualize him in office and not lose a format no Republican has ever done anything but lose, the town hall style debate..

    I do not remember any televised town hall style debates prior to Bush Clinton. In that debate Bush clearly lost, Clinton was much more comfortable with the format and Bush looking at his watch was awful. Clinton Dole? Dole would have lost in that format if Clinton hadn’t even shown up. Bush Gore? That was the only debate Gore won, the other two standard formats, one with the over the top Gore sighing, the other with the Eddie Munster slick back hairdo Gore lost. Bush Kerry? Don’t remember the town hall in that one, but I bet if Kerry was going to win any debate it would have been that one.

    Romney breaking the Republican losing streak in the town hall format is a significant achievement. However lets also face facts that Obama did well. He also was better in that he took full advantage of Romneys big weak spot, the 47% thing. Did Romney do as well with Obamas big weak spot, the Libya fiasco? No.

    The American people cant find Libya on the map, but wherever it is, they know our ambassador was killed there. They also know BO ran around with this unbelievable story about a video for two weeks because he was more concerned about his campaign than telling the American people the truth. People understand that, they get it, Romney should have hammered that home stronger than he did.

    The up side is that this was a good debate. People will decide based on ideas presented, and strength of argument, not on who looked at their watch. That’s a good thing.

    • valley person

      Your and Romneys theory on Libya blew up in your faces last night. Romneys veneer of appearing presidential was blown right off of his smirking face.

      I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a candidate in a presidential debate step in the BS he himself laid on the floor quite that completely. Unfortunately for ROmney, the next debate is on foreign policy, and the single issue he thought he had is one he now can’t even bring up.

      One wonders how he will spend the time.

      • guest

        VP, bevis a butthead, yentl unaware of it. Slut a pity!

      • 3H

        Mentally counting how many people he will have to lay off to make more money.

      • Your assumption is based on Obama’s lie about calling it a terrorists attack the day after, which even Candy Crowley said was not true after she checked the facts. She interrupted but even worse she had her facts as wrong as Obama’s lies and that was unacceptable for a narrator. Foreign policy is still fertile ground for Romney. Obama can’t keep from lying to try to save his pencil neck.

        • valley person

          Read the transcript. And he said it again the next day in Vegas. Romney was too dependent on Fox news for his information and he is paying the price.

  • Judahlevi

    Romney won the debate on the issues that matter. I would never believe a CNN poll or a CBS poll which would always declare Obama (or any Democrat) the winner as long as he made a few points – even false ones. The CNN moderator interrupted Romney four times as often as Obama, and validated an Obama claim that was later proven to be false.

    For Obama to declare that he called the Benghazi attack a terrorist action based on this Rose Garden comments the day after reveals his lack of principles. He is willing to twist his comments beyond credibility in order to defend his weak record and keep power. In other words, he is willing to knowingly lie to keep his job. This guy is pathetic.

  • guest

    A draw or was it Crowley’s drawl in a redux of refersleeze in the Seattle/Green Bay bum shots fired recently in the NFL? Crawley is as fair and balanced as Demmie Wasserman Schultz fired aimlessly! Nuts to both!

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