Second presidential debate closer to a draw

by NW Spotlight

The first presidential debate was a crushing defeat of President Obama by Mitt Romney. Romney’s debate victory translated into a swing in the momentum of the campaign and gains in the polls. CNN reported yesterday, before last night’s debate, that “Romney made significant gains after the first debate, nationally and in key battlegrounds.”

Last night’s second presidential debate was closer to a draw – which will likely leave the campaign momentum in Romney’s favor.

Several commentators noted right after the debate that it was a draw. That if you are a Romney supporter, you think he won. If you’re an Obama supporter, you think he won. The commentators noted that they didn’t feel this debate would change many voters’ minds. Jeff Mapes at the Oregonian concluded “It’s hard to imagine either candidate losing many supporters after Tuesday night’s debate.  The question is what that small universe of undecided voters will think.  My bet: this is going to remain a close race.”

A CNN poll before the debate showed that voter expectations were lower for Obama in the second debate.

A CBS News Instant Poll after last night’s debate gave President Obama a slight advantage. In the poll, 37% said Obama won, 30% said that Romney won, and 33% called it a tie.

Mitt Romney was the clear winner of last night’s second debate with a Frank Luntz focus group. The focus group was made up mostly of people who voted for President Obama in 2008. After watching the second debate, most changed their support to Mitt Romney.