Helping Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Rep. Bruce Hanna

While thousands on the East Coast are reeling from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, it’s a good time to come together as a country and set politics aside for a moment. Most of us won’t be able to lend a hand in person, but we can still assist those on the East Coast by contributing to organizations who are on the ground mobilizing relief efforts.

The following organizations are currently on the East Coast providing aid and relief to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, and are funded mostly through donations:

– Team Rubicon– Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with medical professionals to rapidly deploy emergency response teams into crisis situations.

– American Red Cross – The Red Cross responds to approximately 70,000 disasters in the United States every year, ranging from home fires that affect a single family, to hurricanes that affect tens of thousands, to earthquakes that impact millions. In these events, the Red Cross provides shelter, food, health and mental health services to help families and entire communities get back on their feet.

– The Salvation Army – “Doing The Most Good” – The Salvation Army is serving those impacted by Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic with food, clean-up kits, as well as emotional and spiritual care.