Digital TV – Not so Fast

There is no question that Obama’s call for a delay in the switch to digital TV is the right thing to do. We have only had since 1996 to work out this most complicated and difficult transition. That is simply not enough time. Let’s examine the facts:

1. Most Americans don’t know the difference between analog and digital broadcasts and don’t care, unless they miss American Idol.
2. Most Americans are afraid of change – very afraid.
3. Most Americans can not afford a new, digital ready TV in these difficult and trying times.
4. Most Americans simply can not survive without a TV, a lifeline to vital news and information we all need on an hourly basis.

Because of these facts, we must delay full implementation of this most draconian change at least until 2016 or beyond. We must print more coupons, too, so those who want to get them can. No one should be forced to pay money simply to receive over-the-air, free signals. We need to provide analog signals until the last analog set breaks down. It doesn’t cost much and it simply is not the American way to force people to receive signals they don’t want or need or can even get. Can anyone say, “Big Brother”? The Senate has taken a rather large “baby” step by delaying DTV, as they call it, until June of this year, although that is hardly a significant delay. The magic number is 2016. Trust me on that. We will all be ready by then.

In one of Obama’s first bold moves as president, he has forcefully come out against change. This is a very positive step and gives us all a glimpse into the masterful way he will govern.

And why can’t we use that stimulus money to give every American, needy or not, a brand new, shiny digital TV? Wait, I forgot, that won’t help as we don’t make any TVs any longer in this “service economy” we have in the USA. Never mind.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    I was watching the news last night and they had this old duffer on, whining to the guy at the TV department in some giant store about being on the wait list for the damn converter coupons. He felt the TV selling guy should be able to give him an estimate on how long he would be on the wait list for.

    I am so glad I am working to pay for this nitwits retirement and health care.

    This is ridiculous. It’s TV you damn moron, if you cant figure out how to get a free $40 coupon, then gee, sorry grandpa I guess you are going to have to cough up the forty.

    For the love of God could we please pass Rupert’s Law and finally criminalize stupidity.

    How in the world are these idiots able to brush their teeth without poking an eye out?

    Ok – calm placid golden sphere of idyllic serenity…. engulf me now.

    I’m really sorry if you cant afford a new TV.

    I’m really sorry if, failing the above, you cant afford a converter box.

    You know what? Once I was in a store and decided I couldn’t afford a $70 bottle of scotch so I got a $30 bottle of Cutty Sark. That’s right, I had to buy the Alkie brand of scotch that is the last step before you give up and switch to vodka.

    So welcome to my world honey. The absolute hell where every now and then you just cant afford something and have to do without.

    “I’m not your daddy so stop asking my to buy your toilet paper”

  • John in Oregon

    Yearah, Yearah, he’s our man. Change, Change, we know he can. Barack, Barack, announced a plan.

    We just must stop those evil DTV types who want change. We like having every TV station broadcasting two signals. Two transmitters, two towers, more power. Best of all no recycling of analog frequencies to other uses.

    The Obama administration strikes a blow for freedom and ethics. No more lobbyists don’t you know?

    Like, Oh I don’t know, R. Gerard Salemme an Obama advisor on telecommunications policy and a former telecom lobbyist who has given thousands to Obama. Salemme advised Obama’s telecom transition team, which recommended the delay in the transition from analog to digital.

    Gerard Salemme he is so smart. Salemme is an executive vice president at a company called Clearwire. Clearwire provides infrastructure for Sprint’s *4G*wireless data network.

    Timothy Carney puts it in the DC Examiner “Sprint pays Clearwire to connect your Blackberry to the Internet.”

    Carney contends that delaying the transition from analog to digital will assist Sprint and Clearwire while injuring Verizon, one of Sprint’s major competitors. Sprint and Clearwire already have spectrum which they have used to launch their fourth-generation wireless broadband network, known as *4G* network.

    Why? As Carney explains it, the switch from analog to digital will free up a huge swath of frequencies, which the FCC has auctioned off to other telecommunications firms, including Verizon, who will use this spectrum for its wireless broadband networks, providing Internet for Blackberries and similar devices.

    But Verizon cannot do so yet because it lacks the necessary spectrum. Thus, says Carney, “the longer broadcasters use analog signals, the longer Verizon has to wait to get the spectrum it needs for its 4G network–which gives Sprint a longer honeymoon as the only network offering 4G speeds.”

    HT Powerline

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