Digital TV – Not so Fast

There is no question that Obama’s call for a delay in the switch to digital TV is the right thing to do. We have only had since 1996 to work out this most complicated and difficult transition. That is simply not enough time. Let’s examine the facts:

1. Most Americans don’t know the difference between analog and digital broadcasts and don’t care, unless they miss American Idol.
2. Most Americans are afraid of change – very afraid.
3. Most Americans can not afford a new, digital ready TV in these difficult and trying times.
4. Most Americans simply can not survive without a TV, a lifeline to vital news and information we all need on an hourly basis.

Because of these facts, we must delay full implementation of this most draconian change at least until 2016 or beyond. We must print more coupons, too, so those who want to get them can. No one should be forced to pay money simply to receive over-the-air, free signals. We need to provide analog signals until the last analog set breaks down. It doesn’t cost much and it simply is not the American way to force people to receive signals they don’t want or need or can even get. Can anyone say, “Big Brother”? The Senate has taken a rather large “baby” step by delaying DTV, as they call it, until June of this year, although that is hardly a significant delay. The magic number is 2016. Trust me on that. We will all be ready by then.

In one of Obama’s first bold moves as president, he has forcefully come out against change. This is a very positive step and gives us all a glimpse into the masterful way he will govern.

And why can’t we use that stimulus money to give every American, needy or not, a brand new, shiny digital TV? Wait, I forgot, that won’t help as we don’t make any TVs any longer in this “service economy” we have in the USA. Never mind.