Obama’s enthusiasm “is coming from his loins”

by NW Spotlight

Wow, TMI. First there was this Obama ad comparing voting for Obama to losing your virginity, and now President Obama’s senior adviser David Axelrod said in Ohio today that President Obama’s enthusiasm “is coming from his loins.”

A commenter quipped “Coming from his loins, eh? That’ll have Chris Matthews reaching for his Viagra.”

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  • Bob Clark

    Early this week Bama was blow’n about how he won’t stand for any red tape in the cleanup effort in New Jersey and the Northeast from Hurricane Sandy. Now we are hearing non-union utility workers from Alabama were turned away in New Jersey because they don’t have a union card. Yup Bama is one major league hot air balloon.
    Hey what’s the Yes on 26-146 ad doing here? This is the antithesis of the Oregon taxpayer association and Catalyst. This is a Sam Adams’ scam tax, and every fiscal conservative should Vote NO on 26-146! The City of Portland has $7 million per year in annual Arts funding, and is wasting it on such things as a new sculpture at the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge. This sculpture is responsible for taking out a lane for ramping off and on the east end of the Hawthorne bridge, making it much more difficult for Freight and cars to enter and exit the Hawthorne bridge. So not only is the City flush in public arts funding, it is putting these Art ambitions before the well being of the economy (mobility improves economic productivity and prosperity). The City’s new arts tax (26-146) is totally unnecessary because the city is already spending more on useless art than the this tax will fund schools. Even the part of the tax which would be devoted to schools under measure 26-146 is only likely to end up padding the salary and benefits of existing teachers; and this is why the Portland Teachers Association is gleefully supporting this stupid, unnecessary grab for more taxpayer monies.
    The Willamette Week, Oregonian and Portland Tribune all recommend a NO Vote on 26-146.

    • DavidAppell

      Bob, just because Fox News tries to feed you a lie doesn’t mean you have to eat it. The Washington Post:

      “An Alabama utility crew heading to New Jersey has returned home, claiming it had to affiliate with a union to help with the recovery effort after Superstorm Sandy. But union officials, a New Jersey utility company and the governor said Friday they are mistaken.”


    • DavidAppell

      The Post’s story ends:
      “Decatur Utilities later issued a statement on Friday that said: ‘To be clear, at no time were our crews ‘turned away’ from the utility in Seaside Heights.'”

      Anything else you need debunked, Bob?

      • Davis

        So much for spin. Here is the full quote, lifted from the New Jersey Ledger:
        Although [Ray Hardin, Decatur Utilities’ GM] says that “at no time were our crews ‘turned away’ ” from the Seaside Heights utility, “it was and remains our understanding that agreeing to those requirements was a condition of being allowed to work in those areas.”

        • DavidAppell

          The article ends: “Decatur Utilities later issued a statement on Friday that said: ‘To be clear, at no time were our crews ‘turned away’ from the utility in Seaside Heights.'”

  • DavidAppell

    Romney’s team is already making threats, angered by Chris Christie’s daring to work with the President of the United States over the immense destruction in NJ. “If Romney wins, it won’t be forgotten,” a Romney adviser told Politico.

    Politics as played by thugs.

    • voterid

      @DavidAppell, Since you know all about the truth please enlighten us with your knowledge “truth” about the Benghazi massacre of our Ambassador and three others on Sept 11, 2012. We’re waiting to hear from you!..and you use political as a truth point of reference?…what a joke…this website is nothing more than a liberal propaganda machine for your little endearing ears and little brain! what a laugh!

      • DavidAppell

        The only truth I know is that these things happen — recall the Beirut barracks bombing during Reagan’s first term that killed 241 Americans — and that Republicans are desperately trying to spin Benghazi in the face of a Romney loss.

        • voterid

          The Benghazi murders has nothing at all to do with Romney..got it? Obama is president of the US remember? The truth is that Obama watched the drones in real time as the drones video taped the benghazie murder of the four men in Lybia…We can’t spin anything like the coverup the biased media is doing to you poor fools who are filled only with lies, hate and biggotry toward your fellow Americans. Obama is responsible for the murders of these men…the media has covered it up because they are on Obama’s side…how would you like it if the four out of the five large medias are in the tank for a Republican and wouldn’t dare print anything that would affect him?…think about it..and do some researching on your own..because if Obama get’s reelected because these fake news organizations didn’t bother to report the truth, you have nothing to blame but yourselves…Beirut has nothing to do the anything…this is the present. Obama is a poor leader, he blames everyone else for his failures…he was just a community organizer for Gods sake…and his plans is to kill the USA and take all our assets.

          • DavidAppell

            I noticed the price of chicken was up when I was at the grocery store yesterday. Is Obama responsible for that, too?

          • voterid


          • 3H

            I noticed the price of gas dropped the other day, is he responsible for that as well?

          • guest

            You really need to fook off over in bluecoupOregon, 3H

          • DavidAppell

            Yes, because asking difficult questions isn’t allowed here.

          • 3H

            Really? I disagree. Which means I’m still here 🙂

          • DavidAppell

            “…and his plans is to kill the USA and take all our assets.”

            I’m pretty sure he wants your children, too.

          • voterid

            Once a smart A$$ always one!

          • ardbeg

            So are you saying “Vote for Romney” or are you saying ‘Vote against Obama”?

          • ardbeg

            Opps, that ? is for voterid

  • Really? I didn’t know he did pork.

    Loins, that is.

    • 3H

      Because he’s a secret Muslim?

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